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Congressman  presents long-awaited service medals & ribbons

          ongressman  Brian  Higgins                                                              Pfannenberg celebrates
      C(NY-26) honored 11 local vet-
      erans reently during a ceremony at                                                          in Lancater 25 years of
      the Buffalo and Erie Country Naval
      &  Military  Park,  awarding  73  ser-                                                      N. American manufacturing
      vice  medals  &  ribbons  earned  by
      Western New York veterans Rich-                                                                fannenberg, Inc.  held a celebra-
      ard  Cohen,  Donald  Cohen,  Louis                                                          Ptory event for the 25th anniver-
      Harrison, Rose Hyman, Wade Lew-                                                             sary   of   its   United   States
      is, Monica Lynch, Joseph Murphy,                                                            manufacturing  operations  on  Nov.
      Richard Reisch, Tommie Wagstaff,                                                            9,  2022  at  the  company’s  North
      Renee Wiley, and Edward A. Ziar-                                                            American headquarters in Lancast-
      nowski who served our country dur-                                                          er, NY. It featured factory tours and
      ing World War II, the Korean War,                                                           presentations by Andreas Pfannen-
      the Vietnam War, as well as Kuwait,                                                         berg, owner – Pfannenberg Group,
      Iraq, and Afghanistan.         The Reisch family at medal ceremony.                         Tobias Merle, CEO – Pfannenberg
         “From fighting in World War II                                                           Group,  Earl  Rogalski,  president  –
      to, more recently, deploying to the  Repairman  and  a  Non-Commis- the Vietnam War. The Commemo-  Pfannenberg  Sales  America,  and
                                     sioned  Officer  of  Special  Radio ration  pledges  to  honor  United
      Middle  East,  these  brave  men  and                                                       Ronald  Ruffino,  Lancaster  Town
      women dutifully served our country  Projects.                 States  Veterans  who  served  in  ac-  Supervisor.          Andreas Pfannenberg
                                        Staff  Sergeant  Reisch  was tive duty in the United States Armed
      and  returned  home  to  serve  their                                                          In  announcing  the  celebration,  part of this journey for the next 25
      communities with little fanfare and  awarded:                 Forces between November 1, 1955  Andreas  Pfannenberg  paid  special  years.”
                                        •  Bronze  Star  for  meritorious and  May  15,  1975,  regardless  of
      formal recognition of their service,”                                                       tribute to the resources available in  Rogalski, noted that it is an hon-
      said  Congressman  Brian  Higgins.  achievement  in  ground  operations location. Congressman Higgins also  the Western New York Region that  or to be working alongside his Pfan-
                                     against hostile forces from Decem- presented  Staff  Sergeant  Reisch
      “We are proud to present these local                                                        he says is a major contributor to the  nenberg  colleagues  in  the  United
      heroes with the military honors they  ber 1970 to December 1971 in the with the:            company’s success. “When we de-  States and around the world. “What
                                     Republic of Vietnam              In addition to these U.S.-issued
      rightfully earned. As a community                                                           cided  in  the  late  1990s  to  expand  makes  this  milestone  achievement
      and a nation, we are forever indebt-  • Army Commendation Medal  medals,  Reisch  was  awarded  the  into North America from our roots  so  special,”  said  Rogalski,  “Is
                                        •  National  Defense  Service Republic  of  Vietnam  Campaign
      ed to their service and the sacrifices                                                      in Germany, we understood that, to  knowing  the  positive  impact  our
      they have made for our country.”  Medal                       Medal with Device, Gallantry Cross  successfully  grow  the  business,  colleagues are making and the solu-
                                        •  Army  of  Occupation  Medal with  Palm  Unit  Citation,  and  the
         Among  the  honorees  was  U.S.                                                          products for North America needed  tions  our  products  are  providing  –
      Army  Staff  Sergeant  Richard  with Berlin Airlift Device    Civil Actions Unit Citation for sav-  to be designed and manufactured in  from  critical  life-saving  infrastruc-
                                        •  Vietnam  Campaign  Medal ing lives during a Typhoon and re-
      Reisch  who  arrived  on  the  battle-                                                      North  America.”  He  added,  “The  ture  to  clean  drinking  water.  Few
      field  in  Vietnam  in  December  of  with 3 Bronze Service Stars  pairing  the  roof  of  a  building  that  Buffalo  area’s  long  and  storied  companies get an opportunity to cel-
                                        • Good Conduct Medal        was nearly destroyed.
      1970  and  fought  in  combat  until                                                        manufacturing  history  and  reputa-  ebrate 10-years, let alone 25-years.
      1971. He then was stationed at Ft.  • Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin  Richard Reisch’s wife, Barbara  tion for a strong work ethic fits our  This  is  a  fantastic  achievement
                                        The Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin the love of his life, is also a veteran.
      Bragg, North Carolina and went to                                                           needs  and  supports  Pfannenberg’s  made possible by our dedicated and
      Fort Monmouth, New Jersey where  comes from the American Vietnam They met in Berlin where they were  high  quality  reputation.  Our  North  highly talented team.”
                                     War  Commemoration,  which  was stationed. She received a certificate
      he  was  a  Signal  School  instructor                                                      American growth is largely due to  Pfannenberg,  Inc.  is  a  Global
      until  he  was  transferred  to  Berlin  authorized  by  Congress  to  com- from the US Army for fighting for  the willingness of the two cultures  Manufacturer of Thermal Manage-
                                     memorate the 50th Anniversary of freedom while living in Berlin.
      where he served from June 1974 to                                                           to  work  together  in  the  spirit  of  ment, Liquid Cooling Solutions and
      May  1977.  He  served  as  a  Radio                                                        learning.”                     Signaling  Technologies.  Estab-
                                                                                                     Tobias Merle added, “As a Ger-  lished in 1954 by Otto Pfannenberg,
      2022: What went well in Germany                                                             man family business, we are proud  for over 60 years Pfannenberg has
                                                                                                                                 been recognized as an industry lead-
                                                                                                  to develop and produce our thermal
         by Stephanie Höppner           Anyone who might have expect-  ...Speaking of technology  management products in Lancaster,  er within the Electrotechnology In-
  Among  the  steady ed a slump in business was wrong,  and the climate           NY. Known for offering unique val-
                                                                                                                                    In  1958  the  company  invented
      Dstream of bleak news of war, said  Henrik  Ahlers  of  EY.  "Sales  A  company  from  Germany's  ue  and  the  highest  standards,  our  the Filterfan®, which is recognized
      crisis and recession, news of posi- and profits are rising, and business Hunsrück  region  has  developed  product  solutions  and  services  are  worldwide  as  a  leading  product  to
      tive developments almost got side- is booming for the majority of DAX technology  that  might  be  able  to  trusted by some of the largest, well-  help  manage  the  temperature  in
      tracked  this  year.  Here's  what companies," he added. The consult- help solve the climate problem. No-  known companies from around the  electrical enclosures. In 1962 it in-
      Germany can look back at.      ing  firm  expects  2022  to  be  an vocarbo's  P500  machine  removes  world.  Our  success  for  the  last  25  vented  the  first  industrial  flashing
         Help for Ukrainian refugees  "overall record year."        carbon from the atmosphere. In the  years is based on a long-term vision  light  that  didn’t  require  a  bulb
         Since the beginning of Russia's  LNG terminals ready       machine's pipes and reactors, wood  of growth built around high-quality  change once activated.
      war  against  Ukraine,  millions  of  ahead of schedule       waste  is  charred  in  the  absence  of  products manufactured in America,  Many of its products are found
      people have fled Ukraine, many of  As  a  rule,  major  construction air. Normally, the CO2 they contain  our skilled employees, and our rep-  within  the  same  facility  providing
      them to Germany. The Central Reg- projects in Germany take much lon- would  escape  and  damage  the  cli-  utation  as  a  trusted  advisor  to  our  critical  protection  for  manufactur-
      ister  of  Foreigners  listed  about  1 ger  to  complete  than  originally mate, but the P500 locks the CO2  customers. As we look forward, we  ing, processes and personnel.
      million  Ukrainian  refugees  by  the planned.  The  Elbe  Philharmonic into so-called plant carbon. Biomass  welcome  anyone  who  wants  to  be
      end of October.                Hall in Hamburg, for instance, was like  plant  and  wood  waste  can  be
         People  in  Germany  were  im- supposed to be completed in 2010 – utilized in the best possible way.
      mensely willing to help, not a few construction  work  was  finished  in  There are other positive effects
      put  up  women  and  children  from 2016.  But  thanks  to  streamlined of biochar production: It generates
      Ukraine  in  their  living  or  guest planning procedures, the first float- regenerative heat, which is currently
      rooms, often for weeks and months. ing  import  terminal  for  liquefied in particularly high demand due to
      Others  collected  donations  includ- natural  gas  (LNG)  opened  in  Wil- the gas shortage. As a soil additive
      ing  clothing  and  household  items, helmshaven  in  northern  Germany in agriculture, it is also beneficial to
      and  helped  children  with  their shortly before Christmas – after just plants. Production is still expensive
      homework  and  accompanied  the shy  of  10  months  of  planning  and but that could change as the supply
      refugees to doctor's appointments.  construction.             increases.
         The  willingness  to  help  has  That is the new pace Germany  From pandemic
      dropped off somewhat since the war plans to forge ahead with on infra-  to endemic stage?
      started in February, but it was still at structure  projects,  Chancellor  Olaf  Christian  Drosten,  Germany's
      a high level months later, according Scholz announced at the inaugura- preeminent virologist, said we have
      to a study by the German Center for tion ceremony. The floating termi- reached the end of the coronavirus
      Integration and Migration Research nal off the North Sea coast of Lower pandemic.
      (DeZIM).  One  out  of  two  people Saxony is intended to help close the  "We  are  experiencing  the  first
      was open to volunteering, more than gap  in  gas  supplies  in  Germany endemic  SARS-CoV-2  wave  this
      half could imagine donating to refu- caused by a lack of deliveries from winter, in my estimation that means
      gees  and  almost  one  in  five  could Russia.               the pandemic is over," Drosten re-
      imagine taking in refugees at home,  The business community hopes cently told a daily newspaper.
      DeZIM found.                   the  example  will  set  a  precedent.  Immunity in the population will
         Business is booming, record  Planning  and  approval  procedures be so widespread and resilient after
         revenues for German firms   for all infrastructure projects need to this winter that the virus will hardly
         Germany's major DAX compa- be massively stepped up, according be able to spread in the summer, the
      nies  are  looking  at  a  pretty  good to  Peter  Adrian,  President  of  the head of virology at Berlin's Charite
      year despite high energy prices and Association  of  German  Chambers hospital said, adding the only reser-
      high  inflation.  In  the  third  quarter of Industry and Commerce (DIHK). vation  he  has  concerns  the  emer-
      from July to the end of September, That  is  too  fast  for  environmental gence of new variants. "But I don't
      sales of the top 40 DAX companies associations,  who  have  criticized expect  that  to  happen  at  the  mo-
      increased by 23%, and profits by as the terminal construction while urg- ment, either."
      much  as  28%,  according  to  EY ing  similarly  speedy  implementa-  This article was originally pub-
      management consultants. Mercedes, tion for non-fossil energy sources.  lished in German.
      Volkswagen and Siemens were list-
      ed as the companies with the biggest
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