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German places you should know about:
      St. John the Baptist/St. John Neumann Chapel in Kenmore

         by Martin Ederer
           t. John the Baptist Parish on
           Englewood Ave. just outside
      SKenmore       is   inextricably
      linked with Saint John Neumann. It
      had already officially come into ex-
      istence  as  a  community  the  year
      before his arrival as pastor in 1837.
      German  Catholics  had  settled  the
      North Bush area in 1827, and Rev.
      John  Nicholas  Mertz  of  Lamb  of
      God Church (St. Louis) in Buffalo
      visited to tend to the spiritual needs
      of the small community. In 1833 the
      North Bush community built a small
      log church, a replica of which now
      stands  at  the  Amherst  Museum.
      When St. John Neumann arrived to
      become pastor of SS. Peter and Paul
      in Williamsville in 1836, the North  St. John Neumann Chapel.                               The new St. John the Baptist Parish on Englewood Ave.
      Bush  chapel  became  a  mission  to
      SS. Peter and Paul.            Western New York seems to have had hoped for, but the North Bush niently  located  St.  Paul  was op of Philadelphia in 1852. In 1927
         Neumann’s administrative head- figured prominently in his decision location  now  had  to  beg  for  and established, making the future of the Klauder petitioned Bishop William
      aches  quickly  grew  at  Williams- – the North Bush chapel again be- borrow priests from elsewhere.  stone chapel bleak.  Turner to save the church and con-
      ville.  Besides  his  work  visiting came  a  mission  to  SS.  Peter  and  By 1853, it had become a mis-  Rev. Henry Laudenbach, found- sequently the bishop named him the
      far-flung  German-speaking  Catho- Paul in Williamsville. By 1849, the sion of the new parish of St. Joseph er of St. Paul, eventually discovered second  pastor  in  the  parish’s  91-
      lic communities ranging from Wyo- log  chapel  that  served  Neumann’s its people had played a critical role a  use  for  the  deteriorating  chapel, year history.
      ming and Genesee counties to Erie little  congregation  had  grown  too in establishing. In 1865, it became a and opened it for devotions on Sun-  The small church reopened as a
      and Niagara counties and oversee- small,  and  as  the  growing  mission mission of St. Francis of Assisi in day afternoons, but the chapel need- newly  formed  parish  on  May  22,
      ing church construction in at least a discussed a larger church, it divided. Tonawanda,  and  later  still  became ed serious structural attention. Most 1927. By then, the old North Bush
      few  of  those  locations,  he  had  to  Many  of  the  North  Bush  resi- once again a mission of St. Joseph.  importantly,  it  needed  someone  to swamps showed promise of growth,
      contend  with  “tribal”  hostility  in dents  had  already  moved  to  better  The  North  Bush  chapel  was advance the little chapel’s cause.  and in the postwar building boom,
      Williamsville  (Neumann  was  from farmland  at  Elysville  (centered  at clearly struggling. In 1892, the inev-  That  person  was  Rev.  Charles the  small  chapel  grew  too  small.
      Bohemia; the majority of Williams- what  is  now  Main  St.  and  Engle- itable occurred: it was closed. Ac- Klauder. A Philadelphia native, he Ground  was  broken  in  1950  for  a
      ville’s Catholics were Alsatian).  wood  Ave.)  and  campaigned  for tion had shifted southward, closer to was  well  familiar  with  Neumann, larger New England Colonial-style
         As  scurrilous  (and  untrue)  ru- building a new church at that loca- Buffalo in a growing village of Ken- who had gone on from the forests of church,  which  was  dedicated  on
      mors about Neumann began to cir- tion.  Many  others,  however,  clung more,  and  in  1897,  more  conve- Western New York to become bish- April 29, 1951, that stands near the
      culate in Williamsville, he had had to  the  original  location  and  the                                                  old chapel.
      enough.  John  Schmitt  of  North memory  of  the  saintly  Neumann.
      Bush invited him to reside at their Bishop  John  Timon  resolved  the
      swampy  settlement.  Neumann  ac- debate by authorizing the establish-  Schenk House historic marker planned
      cepted the offer, and became pastor ment  of  a  new  parish  at  Elysville.
      of North Bush. In the process, Wil- Construction  began  on  that  new  from page 1
                                                                                                  Erie County – in the beginning  Buffalo’s Frances Folsom. In 1901,
      liamsville had become a mission to church,  now  known  as  St.  Joseph                        Two  hundred  years  ago,  on President  William  McKinley  was
      North  Bush  (ouch).  Neumann  re- University Church, in 1849.  House;  and  many  others  being  April 2, 1821 New York State offi- assassinated  at  the  Pan-American
      mained  headquartered  in  North  The decision to establish St. Jo-  planned.               cially recognized Erie County. After Exposition in Buffalo and, on Sept.
      Bush before leaving Western New seph Church eventually doomed the  The Schenk House         the American Revolution, the Hol- 14 of that year, Theodore Roosevelt
      York, whose vast, lonely forests had North  Bush  chapel  as  a  parish,  The Schenck House was built in  land Land Company purchased 3.2 was sworn in at the Wilcox Mansion
      taken  a  toll  both  on  Neumann’s which  nonetheless  replaced  its  log  1822  by  early  pioneer  and  farmer  million acres of land from the Sene- as  the  nation’s  twenty-sixth  Presi-
      health and his spirit.         chapel  with  a  larger  stone  church  Michael Schenck and his son Samu-  ca nation of the Haudenosaunee (Ir- dent.
         After Neumann left the area in (the  existing  chapel)  around  1850.  el Schenck.       oquois).  In  1808,  New  York
                                                                                                                                    Once  heavily-forested  frontier,
      1840 to enter the Redemptorist or- The split gave all parties what they  Constructed  in  “Pennsylvania  organized the western-most land as the region changed as the Erie Canal
      der – loneliness in the hinterlands of                        German Traditional” style from lo-  Niagara County. By 1821, the popu- brought  prosperity  and  made  the
                                                                    cally quarried limestone, the house
                                                                    was  on  property  originally  part  of  lation  had  increased  so  much  that Niagara Frontier one of the largest
                                                                                                  Niagara  County  was  split.  Erie shipping  and  rail  centers  in  the
                                                                    the Hamlet of Snyder, in the Town
                                                                    of  Amherst.  It  remained  in  family  County, the land south of Tonawan- country.  Erie  County  is  home  to
                                                                                                  da Creek, consisted of ten towns and numerous inventors and inventions
                                                                    until it was sold to the Country Club
                                                                    of  Buffalo  in  1898.  The  former  the Buffalo Creek Reservation. To- such as the Ball Jar, Barca Lounger
                                                                                                  day,  Erie  County  has  twenty-five and air conditioning all originated in
                                                                    Schenck  property  currently  has
                                                                    three  of  the  original  six  buildings  towns, three cities, two tribal territo- Buffalo.  Wilson  Greatbatch  devel-
                                                                                                  ries  and  a  population  of  approxi- oped the implantable pacemaker in
                                                                    and roughly 180 acres of the origi-
                                                                    nal acres most of which is now the  mately 920,000.          Clarence, and Bell Aircraft was one
                                                                                                     Erie County has ties to several of the nation’s largest suppliers of
                                                                    Grover Cleveland Golf Course.
                                                                      The Schenck family first arrived  U.S.  Presidents.  Millard  Fillmore aircraft during WW II.
                                                                                                  practiced law in East Aurora before  Erie County boasts many major
                                                                    in  America  in  1709  as  they  fled
                                                                    religious persecution for being Ana-  serving as President. He returned to works  by  both  local  and  national
                                                                                                  Erie  County  and  helped  establish architects  including  Frank  Lloyd
                                                                    baptist,  specifically  Mennonite.
                                                                    From  Pennsylvania,  they  came  to  the  University  of  Buffalo,  Buffalo Wright, Louis Sullivan, H.H. Rich-
                                                                                                  General  Hospital  and  the  Buffalo ardson, E.B. Green, William Wicks,
                                                                    Buffalo  and  farmed  the  land  to
                                                                    about 1900.                   and Erie County Historical Society. and Louise Bethune. Famous writ-
                                                                                                  Grover Cleveland practiced law  in ers  like  F.  Scott  Fitzgerald,  Mark
                                                                      Reportedly, census records indi-
                                                                    cate Samuel Schenck utilized tradi-  Buffalo  before  becoming  Erie Twain  and  Lauren  Belfer  have  all
                                                                                                  County Sheriff, Buffalo Mayor and called the area “home”.
                                                                    tional  farming  technologies.  They
                                                                    were  brought  over  by  the  German  Governor of New York. He married
                                                                    and Swiss settlers and included crop
                                                                    rotation,  co-planting,  housing  and
                                                                    feeding  cattle  and  animals  in  cold
                                                                    winter  months,  barns  with  stalls,
                                                                    large  wagons  for  transporting  hay,     Since 1970 the Buffalo Standard Printing Booster Club
                                                                    and the growing of hay.                   has raised funds to support our family of publications. Donors
                                                                      In  the  mid-1800s  German  set-  to the Press Fund will be thanked in the last issue of the year, unless
                                                                    tlers, according to census informa-  otherwise instructed by the donor.
                                                                    tion, used a farming style utilizing  MAIL TO: Buffalo Standard Printing Press Fund
                                                                    both  polyculture  and  crop  rotation
                                                                    as opposed to the monoculture that    3620 Harlem Road, Cheektowaga, NY 14215
                                                                    was more commonly used by early   I want to make sure the German Citizen continues its service
                                                                    English  settlers.  Polyculture  is  the    To the German-American Community.
                                                                    co-planting, and planting of multi-        Enclosed is my contribution of $ _____
                                                                    ple  types  of  food  products  on  the  Name:__________________________________________
                                                                    same farm as had been utilized by  Address_________________________________________
                                                                    Central  Europeans.  The  use  of  a  City, State, Zip___________________________________
                                                                    polyculture system along with crop
                                                                    rotation allowed for higher nutrition              Please { } Include
                                                                    and for the land to replace nutrients.  { }do not include my name in your
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