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MEET THE GERMANS                                                                            German parliament approves
      'Heaven on earth' and other German expressions
                                                                                                  new law on coronavirus rules
     The  pandemic  has                                                             from page 1                  Passauer Neue Presse: "It is impor-
             been  dominating  headlines
                                                                                                                                 tant that there are now nationwide
      Dover the year, but our planet                                                                 The law would be in effect until  regulations on what must happen in
      is also begging for attention. To honor                                                     June  30,  with  any  further  changes
                                                                                                                                 which  infection  situation.  This  is
      Earth Day, here are a few "down-to-                                                         requiring parliamentary approval.  especially  crucial  for  acceptance
      earth" idioms from the German lan-                                                          What are people                among the population."
      guage.                                                                                      saying about the law?             Green Party health expert Jano-
         8 German expressions                                                                        Thousands of people were pro-  sch Dahmen told the DPA agency:
         using the word “earth”                                                                   testing  in  Berlin  on  Wednesday  "A  uniform  federal  approach  is
                                                                                                  against  the  laws,  largely  without
         Wie Pilze aus der Erde schießen                                                                                         right, but the measures are not suffi-
         "To shoot up out of the earth," but                                                      masks or social distancing. One po-  cient." He said it should apply at an
                                                                                                  lice estimate put the number of par-
      the  more  common  variant  is  "(wie                                                                                      incidence rate of 50.
      Pilze)  aus  dem  Boden  schießen."  It                                                     ticipants at 8,000 people.        Head of the health department at
                                                                                                     Bundestag  President  Wolfgang
      means  that  something  appears  very                                                                                      Berlin's district Neukölln, Dr. Nico-
      quickly,  or  that  things  spring  up  all                                                 Schäuble, from Merkel's CDU par-  lai Savaskan, told DW that the fed-
                                                                                                  ty, defended the curfews as propor-
      over  the  place,  just  like  mushrooms                                                                                   eral emergency brake's reliance on a
      seems  to  multiply  before  your  very                                                     tionate. "A look abroad shows that  seven-day incidence was "quite un-
                                                                  Image by Delynn Talley from Pixabay
      eyes.                                                                                       all countries that have regained con-  specific as a signal to detect epide-
                                                                                                  trol  of  high  infection  figures  have
         Etwas  aus  der  Erde/aus  dem means  "being  at  fault  for  a  per- earth  and  grounded,  to  not  delude            miological effects."
                                                                                                  resorted  to  curfew  restrictions  in
      Boden stampfen                  son's  death."  That  is  akin  to  the oneself, to remain realistic.                         The  German  Patient  Protection
         Literally,  "to  stomp  or  pound English  "to  put  someone  to  bed  Den Himmel auf Erden haben  phases," Schäuble told Berlin's Ta-  Foundation  said  that  in  order  to
                                                                                                  gesspiegel newspaper.
      something  out  of  the  earth/the with a shovel." This shovel here,  Who  wouldn't  want  it:  to  have                   avoid  potential  legal  challenges  to
      ground,"  the  expression  evokes  the however, is merely an artwork in heaven  on  earth?!  It's  the  same  in  The  German  Association  of  the  law,  the  threshold  should  also
                                                                                                  Towns and Municipalities said the
      idea  of  magic  and  means  "to  make Amsterdam.             German as in English. But beware if                          consider the vaccination rate of el-
      something  out  of  nothing,  to  set  Verbrannte Erde        someone  sometimes  promises  you  law  was  important  for  greater  ac-  derly people, and the burden on hos-
      something  up  quickly"  –  whether  a  Literally "burned earth," it re- heaven  on  earth  (jemandem  den  ceptance of the rules. Chief Execu-  pitals.
      building or a successful business. Not fers  to  a  military  strategy  of  de- Himmel auf Erden versprechen). If  tive  Gerd  Landsberg  told  the
      to  be  confused  with  the  English stroying  essential  infrastructure, it  sounds  too  good  to  be  true,  it
      "stomping  ground,"  a  place  where like  bridges,  streets,  train  tracks, probably  is.  Pictured  above,  Luke
      someone used to hang out, and origi- factories,  fields,  food  and  live- Jerram's  artwork  entitled  "Gaia"
      nally referred to a spot that animals stock, entire villages or cities, to was  shown  in  London  in  Summer
      would frequent in nature.       prevent them from being of use to 2020.
         Kein Bein auf die Erde bekom- one's  opponent,  either  in  one’s  Das Salz der Erde sein
      men                             own land or one which a military  Of  Biblical  origins  and  Jesus'
         "You  can't  get  a  leg  down  on has  invaded.  The  tactic  often  re- Sermon on the Mount, this expres-
      earth" means that you are unsuccess- sults in famine or the destruction sion is the same as in English: to be
      ful  at  something,  you  can't  gain  a of the civil population.  the salt of the earth. If someone is
      foothold.                          Mit  beiden  Beinen  auf  der the salt of the earth, it means they
         Jemanden unter die Erde brin- Erde bleiben                 are a good and honest person; they
      gen                                "To  keep  standing  with  both are respected for tackling challenges
         "Jemanden  unter  die  Erde  brin- legs  on  earth/the  ground":  that's without complaint and remain true
      gen"  literally  translates  as  "to  place what  this  German  maxim  says. to  their  values.  They  are  of  great
      someone  underground"  and  actually What it means is to stay down-to- worth.
                                                                      by Louisa Schaefer

       by Elizabeth Rydzynski Hulley, CFP®  ment entirely with Social Security. conditions that warrant filing early, never  remarried  before  he  or  she  Sources:;
         First Vice President, Investments  While benefits do get adjusted for particularly  if  you  need  the  extra passed  away.  Of  note:  remarriage;;
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      your  IQ.  So  to  help,  we  offer  some ployer’s 401(k) match).  If  you  file  before  your  normal
      common  misconceptions  as  well  as  Myth No. 3: File as early as retirement  age  and  continue  to
      some  guidance  on  ways  to  get  the possible.              work, your benefits will be tempo-
      most  from  your  hard-earned  retire-  No one quite knows how long rarily  reduced  depending  on  how
      ment benefits.                  you’ll live past full retirement age much you earn. But those benefits
         Myth  No.  1:  Social  Security (FRA), so some think you should are merely delayed until full retire-
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         While it’s true that your contribu- But  that  means  permanently  re- Once you reach FRA, you’ll receive
      tions  go  to  current  beneficiaries  as ducing benefits when the odds fa- increased  monthly  payments  to
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      you, Social Security continues to be us. Your advisor can help you cal- may end up increasing your annual
      replenished  by  younger,  working culate your breakeven point based benefit  because  Social  Security  is
      Americans, as well as earned interest on your statistical life expectancy based  on  your  35  highest  years  of
      on its bond portfolio and income tax and  your  family  history.  Higher income.
      on benefits paid to higher-income re- earning  spouses,  in  particular,  Myth No. 6: You're out of luck
      tirees.  However,  the  trustees  have may want to delay as long as pos- if you've never worked outside the
      projected  that  any  existing  surplus sible,  not  just  to  maximize  their home.
      could be depleted sometime between own benefits, but to ensure a high-  It’s true that regular benefits are
      2033 and 2037, if no further legisla- er payout for their widow or wid- based on an employment record of
      tive action is taken. This could mean ower  when  the  time  comes. at least 40 quarters. But those who
      that future retirees may be paid some Surviving spouses are eligible for haven’t worked for that long, or at
      portion,  between  75%  and  80%  for 100% of their spouse’s benefit.  all,  can  receive  half  of  what  a
      example,  of  the  benefits  promised,  Myth  No.  4:  File  as  late  as spouse or even an ex-spouse would
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         Myth  No.  2:  Social  Security  is  We’re  not  trying  to  confuse for  at  least  10  years  and  haven’t
      all you need.                   you. For the vast majority of ap- remarried).  If  you’re  a  surviving
         Somewhat  paradoxically  in  light plicants,  waiting  past  full  retire- spouse, you may be eligible for full
      of  Myth  No.  1,  more  than  half  of ment  age  to  file  makes  the  most benefits  on  your  spouse’s  record.
      Americans expect to fund their retire- sense  financially.  But  there  are Even ex-spouses can claim full sur-
                                                                    vivor benefits as long as you were
                                                                    married for more than 10 years and
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