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Williamsville keeps Oktoberfest theme  from page 1

                                                                    that the Fall Fest incorporated many but  not  the  extent  that
                                                                    previous themes of Oktoberfest.  Buffalo does."
                                                                      An  inflated  Sam  Adams  stein  The  Saturday  portion
                                                                    was  visible  next  to  the  beer  tent of the festivities included
                                                                    Friday,  with  Sam  Adams  Boston scarecrow-building activi-
                                                                    Lager  and  Warsteiner  beer  being ties  in  Mischler's  Florist
                                                                    served along with other adult bever- on South Forest Road; to
                                                                    ages. Food trucks on the Island in- go along with a Fall Folly
                                                                    cluded Blue Fire BBQ and Cheese at The Irishman on Main
                                                                    Chick  Food  Truck.  A  $5  cover Street,  where  individuals
                                                                    charge Friday included proceeds be- could  pick  up  various
                                                                    ing  allocated  to  the  Shawn's  Hero goodies from participating
                                                                    for  Life  organization/foundation businesses   from   the
                                                                    (  WBA.  Captain  Tom  &
                                                                    The  event  was  sponsored  by The Hooligans, as well as
                                                                    Shawn's  Heroes  For  Life,  Samuel The Rig, performed as the
                                                                    Adams  Octoberfest,  Cornerstone musical acts in the Satur-
                                                                    Community  Federal  Credit  Union, day portion of the festival.
                                                                    and Warsteiner.               Various  other  children's
                                                                      Many in attendance enjoyed the play-activities  took  place
                                                                    sounds of the eccentric "Nerds." Sal during the afternoon.
                                                                    Carbone of Williamsville said he's
                                                                    attended  the  previous  Oktoberfest
                                                                    celebrations and looked forward to
                                                                    being  outside  on  a  nice-weather
                                                                      "They  certainly  do  pack  in  the
                                                                    crowds," Carbone said of the Nerds
                                                                    Gone Wild. "It's just nice to have a
                                                                    festival outside, whether they call it
                                                                    Oktoberfest or Fall Fest."
                                                                      Reggie Smith and Veronica Os-
                                                                    trander,  who  recently  moved  back
                                                                    to  WNY  after  previously  living  in
                                                                    the  Miami  area,  wore  lederhosen
                                                                    and enjoyed the sounds of the band
                                                                      "We really get into the Oktober-
                                                                    fest celebrations," said Smith. "Buf-
                                                                    falo  really  has  an  appreciation  for
                                                                    this and other kinds of ethnic festi-
                                                                    vals. Florida does too, to a degree,
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