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Oktoberfest in the desert? Dubai eyes German festival

  With  the  pandemic   Bavarian breweries and
      putting  plans  for  this  year's  Okto-  restauranteurs will be
      berfest in Munich in peril, an idea  among the 620 businesses
      leaked for a huge alternative festival
      in  Dubai.  The  event  boasts  the  that have reportedly signed
      world's largest bar and a party that  on to take part.
      will run through March.
         Festivalgoers  looking  to  get would be the "world's longest beer
      their  fix  of  pretzels,  beer,  dirndls bar" and a 60-meter (197-foot) may-
      and  lederhosen  may  be  turning  to pole.
      the United Arab Emirates instead of  German singers and bands will
      Germany this year.             be on hand with traditional and par-
         A version of Oktoberfest is be- ty tunes. Even a celebrity lineup has
      ing planned for Dubai this fall, Ger- been  promised,  with  guests  set  to
      man media has reported.        include  Arnold  Schwarzenegger,
         The     as-yet-to-be-confirmed Pamela Anderson and Steven Sea-
      event  vows  months  of  festivities gal, according to Bild.
      that will take place at the same time  Charles Blume, the head of the
      the  metropolis  is  set  to  host  the Berlin Christmas market and one of
      World Expo, which was postponed the  Oktoberfest  Dubai  organizers,
      by the coronavirus pandemic.   confirmed the event to news maga-
      What are the plans?            zine  Der  Spiegel.  He  added  that
         The festival is set to take place  Emirati officials have already given
      in the Dubai Marina and is slated to  the green light to the event.  CELEBRATING IN DUBAI:                                            www.timeoutdubai. com
      run  from  Oct.  7,  2021,  through  Alcohol will be allowed on the  According to www.timeoutdubai.
      March 31, 2021.                festival grounds, but attendees will  com,  the  Grand  Hyatt  Dubai  is
         The  event  will  seek  to  closely  be obliged to take shuttle buses back  once again putting on a huge Ok-
      mirror  the  original  Oktoberfest  in  to their hotels and not walk around  toberfest   festival   including
      Munich,  according  to  the  German  the city, Blume said, adding that the  “dancing,   authentic   German
      mass-circulation  Bild  newspaper,  compromise was an effort to respect  grub  and  a  buzzing  atmosphere
      which first reported on the plans.  both Emirati and German culture.  as  the  massive  tent  transforms
         That  includes  some  32  beer  Alcohol  sales  are  strictly  con-  into  all  things  Deutsche  once
      tents, a giant Ferris wheel and even  trolled in the United Arab Emirates,  again. You can enjoy a pretzel in
      a  life-sized  replica  of  the  famous  with  tourists  largely  able  to  pur-  the  air-conditioned  tent  from
      Bavaria  statue  that  stands  on  the  chase and consume it in hotels and  Wednesday, Oct. 10, when there
      festival grounds in Munich.    other areas.                   will be a buffet, including a bar-
         Bavarian  breweries  and  restau-  While event organizers promise
      ranteurs will be among the 620 busi-  a  "perfect  stay"  due  to  the  United  becue and soft drinks…. The cel-
      nesses  that  have  reportedly  signed  Arab  Emirates'  health  and  safety ebration  will  run  right  through
      on to take part.               procedures  with  the  pandemic,  it until  Saturday,  Oct.  27  with
         The Dubai Oktoberfest may mir-  remains to be seen whether further brunches every Saturday.
      ror  the  one  in  Munich,  but  it  also  travel  restrictions  or  advisories
      plans  a  few  extravagant  extras  —  could hinder the arrival of festival-
      including what event organizers say  goers.
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