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Embassy provides info on entry restrictions and quarantine regulations

             ue  to  the  COVID-19  pan-                                                             Quarantine regulations         How to conduct yourself
             demic,  restrictions  are  in                                                           According to the new specimen  when in Germany?
      Dplace for entry into Germa-                                                                regulation, the following applies as  Mouth  and  nose  must  be  cov-
      ny from a large number of countries.                                                        a rule:                        ered aboard any public transport, in
      Those entering Germany from risk                                                               •  Upon  entry  to  Germany  fol- stores  and  busy  outdoor  places,
      areas must complete a digital entry                                                         lowing  a  stay  in  a  risk  area,  high where the minimum distance to oth-
      registration form, be tested for coro-                                                      incidence area or virus variant area ers  cannot  be  kept  at  all  times.
      navirus and, depending on the regu-                                                         within the last ten days, you must  Masks must fulfill the requirements
      lations  of  the  Land  in  question,                                                          •         register      at of  FFP2,  KN95/N95  or  surgical
      self-isolate according to the German                                                before masks.
      Embassy which posted the follow-                                                            entering the country and carry proof  If  travellers  develop  symptoms
      ing information on its website.                                                             of having done so with you,    associated with COVID-19 (cough-
         According to a decision taken by                                                            • be tested for infection with the ing,  a  runny  nose,  sore  throat  or
      the  Federal  and  Länder  Govern-                                                          SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus before or fever) they should get in touch by
      ments, from 2 November, 2020 to at                                                          immediately  after  entering  the phone with a doctor or contact the
      least 18 April 2021, hotels and other                                                       country,                       hotline 116 117. Often travel guides
      accommodation providers may only                                                               • proceed directly to your desti- or hotels can also help in such cases.
      offer  overnight  accommodation  to  Berlin Central Station.                                nation following entry and     Travellers  should  keep  the  contact
      people whose travel is essential. It is                                                        • self-isolate there for ten days details of their home country’s em-
      no longer permitted to provide over-  of the test result must be on paper or out what regulations apply specifi-  (quarantine).  bassy  or  consulate  in  Germany  in
                                     in  an  electronic  document  in  Eng- cally  with  regard  to  the  country
      night  accommodation  for  tourism                                                             Travellers can find further infor- case they need to contact them.
      purposes. Visas for tourism purpos-  lish, French or German. Travellers from which you plan to enter Ger-  mation on the website of the Federal  Watch out for local regulations
                                     can  find  details  regarding  the  test many.
      es will thus only be issued in excep-                                                       Ministry of Health.               Measures for fighting the spread
      tional cases.                  requirements on the website of the  In  principle,  entry  is  possible  Info               of  COVID-19  are  subject  to  local
                                     Robert Koch Institute. The test re- from:
         The  Länder  are  responsible  for  sult  must  be  kept  for  at  least  ten  • EU member states  A stay in a risk area means a stay regulation. This may include quar-
      implementing this decision. Wheth-                                                          in the area concerned at any point antine  measures  in  the  case  of  a
                                     days after entry.                •  states  associated  with  Schen-
      er a specific journey is possible thus  Those in transit (except air trav- gen:  Iceland,  Norway,  Switzerland  within the 10 days prior to entry.  confirmed infection.
      depends on the rules of the Land to                                                            What counts is whether the area  The  international  advice  on  re-
                                     el)  from  high-incidence  areas  and and Liechtenstein
      which you wish to travel.      other  risk  areas  are  exempt  from  •  Other  countries,  from  which  was classified as a risk area at the ducing  the  spread  of  COVID-19
      Test requirement               testing  requirements  under  certain entry is possible due to the epidemi-  time of entry to Germany (i.e. not should  be  followed.  This  includes
      on entry to Germany            circumstances. This includes transit ological situation assessment by the  necessarily at the time of the stay).  washing  hands  regularly  and  thor-
         Air travel                  through a risk area without a stop- EU.                         Exception: transit          oughly with soap for 20-30 seconds,
         From  March  30,  2021,  all  per-                                                          The obligation to self-isolate at sneezing into the elbow or the quick
                                     over  prior  to  entering  Germany  as  Entry from any other country is
      sons  travelling  to  Germany  by  air  well as transit through Germany via only  possible  in  exceptional  cases  home does not apply in the case of disposal  of  handkerchieves  or  tis-
      must present a negative COVID‑19                                                            transit  through  Germany.  In  this sues, keeping a distance from other
                                     the fastest route. No exceptions can and  is  conditional  on  there  being
      test result before embarking on their  be made for entry from virus variant urgent need.    case,  however,  you  are  obliged  to people and avoiding shaking hands.
      journey. This applies regardless of                                                         leave  Germany  immediately.  The Further information and details can
                                     areas.                           Digital entry registration
      the country from where the individ-  Regardless  of  the  test  result,  Travellers  who  have  visited  a  specific  regulations  of  the  Länder be found on the World Health Orga-
      ual has travelled and also to passen-                                                       apply.                         nization’s Website.
                                     there  is  a  quarantine  obligation  in risk  area,  high  incidence  area  or
      gers  only  traversing  Germany  (i.e.  accordance with the regulations of virus variant area in the last ten days  Exception: negative  Where possible, travel should be
      for  international  transit).  Persons                                                         test result after 5 days    reduced and public transport avoid-
                                     the respective Land.           before entering Germany must reg-
      under six years of age and aircraft  Travellers can find more infor- ister at  The ten-day quarantine can, ac- ed to further reduce the risk of in-
      crews are exempt. The negative test                                                         cording to the applicable regulations fection.
                                     mation  on  entry  regulations  and before arriving in Germany and car-
      result must be presented to the air-  testing requirements on the website ry  proof  of  registration  with  them  of the Länder, be terminated at the
      line before departure.                                                                      earliest after the fifth day following
                                     of the Federal Ministry of Health.  upon entry.
         The  tests  must  be  done  at  the  Entry restrictions      This  obligation  always  applies  entry with a negative test result for  Visit us on Facebook!
      relevant test centers abroad no more                                                        infection  with  coronavirus  SARS-
                                        Restrictions on travel      to  those  entering  the  country  who
      than 48 hours before entering Ger-  from countries with       have previously stayed in virus vari-  CoV-2.                  germancitizen.newspaper
      many (time of the swab). In coun-
                                        coronavirus variants        ant areas. Certain exceptions apply
      tries  where  such  a  test  is  not  A travel ban has been imposed for previous stays in other risk areas
      possible, airlines may carry out the  on countries with widespread occur- and high incidence areas. In particu-
      tests  or  charge  a  third  party  with  rence  of  SARS-CoV-2  virus  vari- lar,  those  who  have  only  passed
      carrying them out.             ants of concern (referred to as “areas through a risk area and have not had
         Nucleic acid amplification tech-  of  variant  of  concern”).  Transport a stopover there are exempt.
      nology  processes  (PCR,  LAMP,
                                     companies, e.g. air carriers and rail-  If, in exceptional cases, it is not
      TMA) and antigen tests are accept-  way  companies,  may  not  transport possible to complete a digital entry
      ed. Antigen rapid tests are accepted  any persons from these countries to registration, travellers must instead
      if  they  meet  the  minimum  criteria  Germany.  There  are  only  a  few, fill  out  a  substitute  registration  on
      recommended  by  WHO.  Antibody  strictly  defined  exceptions  to  this paper.
      tests are not accepted.        travel ban, namely for:          Travellers can find more infor-
         The test result must be kept for  Persons who are resident in Ger- mation in a fact sheet as well as on
      at least ten days after entry and pre-  many with a current right to reside the website of the Federal Ministry
      sented  to  the  relevant  authorities
                                     in the country                 of Health.
      upon request.                     Persons  on  connecting  flights,  Quarantine regulations
         You can find more information
                                     who do not leave the transit zone of  In Germany, the individual Län-
      on the test requirement for air travel  an international airport  der  are  responsible  for  quarantine
      on the website of the Federal Minis-
                                        Few other special cases     regulations. The Länder have put in
      try of Health.                    According  to  the  explanatory place  their  own  regulations  on  the
         Other modes of transport    memorandum on the law, transport basis of a specimen regulation.
         (except air travel)         shall not be denied to German citi-  Because the new specimen regu-
         Travellers aged six years or old-  zens who are not resident in Germa- lation contains significant changes,
      er  who  have  been  in  a  high  inci-  ny  and  their  accompanying  family we ask that prior to entering a Land
      dence area or in a virus variant area
                                     members.                       you read the regulations on quaran-
      in  the  past  ten  days  prior  to  entry  All  those  who  qualify  for  the tine and testing carefully that apply
      into Germany must carry proof that  above-mentioned  exceptions  are to your specific destination. By en-
      they have been tested for infection  equally required to complete an on- tering the post code of your destina-
      with  SARS-CoV-2  coronavirus  line registration form and must pres- tion  you  can  find  the  contact
      with them upon entry and present it  ent a negative COVD-19 test result information of your competent local
      to  the  competent  authorities  upon  prior to entry. Further information is health  office  using  the  following
      request  and,  if  necessary,  to  the  provided below.       Website:
      transport  company  prior  to  travel-  Travellers can find more infor- PLZTool/en-GB
      ling.                          mation about the travel ban on the
         Travellers who have visited any
                                     website of the Federal Ministry of
      other  risk  area  (neither  high  inci-  the  Interior.  The  list  of  “areas  of
      dence  area  nor  virus  variant  area)
                                     variant of concern” is published on
      during  the  ten  days  prior  to  entry
                                     the website of the Robert Koch In-
      into Germany must be in possession
      of a test result no later than 48 hours
                                        General Entry restrictions
      after entry and present it to the com-                             January - February
                                        For Germany, travel restrictions
      petent authorities upon request.                                     March - April
                                     apply for entry from a large number
         The lists of high incidence areas,                                 May - June
                                     of countries. These are issued by the
      virus  variant  areas  and  other  risk                              July - August
                                     Federal  Ministry  of  the  Interior,
      areas are published on the website                                September - October
                                     Building  and  Community.  Please
      of the Robert Koch Institute.
                                     check with the Federal Ministry of  November - December
         The  test  must  have  been  per-
                                     the Interior, Building and Commu-
      formed no more than 48 hours prior
                                     nity (BMI) prior to your trip to find
      to entry (time of swabbing). Proof
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