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2 • The German Citizen • January-February 2024  Lili Marleen turns 85                                                 The German Citizen • January-February 2024 • 3
 Perspectives . . . . .  By Martin Ederer  became German Armed Forces Ra‐  German contributions to jet aviation
 Perspectives .
                                                                                                                                   Germany’s V-1 buzz bombs
 lmost in spite of all the mis‐  dio. Lili Marleen went on to become  By Martin Ederer  th                                     were already powered by primitive
                                                                     his year marks the 80 anniver‐
 ery and wreckage of World
 A happy, healthy and  AWar II, it bears notice that as  the first German recording ever to  Tsary of the first production jet  pulse-jet engines. Germany discov‐
 sell over one million records.
 peace-filled new year of 2024!  wars go, it produced a remarkable  British troops in North Africa  aircraft to reach the flight line.  ered that this first operational cruise
                                                                                                                               missile was quite cost-effective, if
                                                                  Wartime demands during World
 soundtrack.  One only needs to  heard the song and they too fell in  War II made the technology practi‐                       not particularly accurate. If nothing
 here are some big anniversaries this year. This is the 125 an‐  think of Glenn Miller’s In the Mood,  love with it, much to the chagrin of  cal, usable and reliable enough in  else, its terror capabilities seem to
 niversary of Eduard Bernstein’s Evolutionary Socialism, which  I’ll be Home for Christmas, The  their commanders. They sang it,  the later years of World War II. Ger‐  have sold it. Germany produced
 Ttried to take the revolution out of Marxism, a position that White Cliffs of Dover, and Praise the  and there were regular reports of  many played a major – if not en‐  them in large numbers, launching
 earned him vigorous criticism from many of his fellow Marxists. It’s Lord and Pass the Ammunition. Ev‐  British troops yelling to their Ger‐  tirely exclusive – role in the technol‐  more than 8,000 against the British.
 the 110 anniversary of the outbreak of World War I in 1914, and the ery government on every side was  man counterparts listening to the
 th  German-American Musicians                                    ogy.                                                         Germany produced over 3,000 of its
 105 anniversary of the Versailles Treaty that did so much (not all keen on pumping out memorable  radio, “Louder, please comrades.”  Inventors had begun experi‐  V-2 missiles, the first truly opera‐
 good) to shape the twentieth century (and beyond) world.  propaganda pieces to keep morale  Eventually the brass on all sides gave
 Daimler and Benz merged 100 years ago in 1924 to create Mer‐  up. Almost predictably, the most  up on trying to suppress the song.  – a history nine decades long  menting with jet aircraft earlier than  tional rocket missile.
 cedes-Benz. Adolf Hitler was released from Landsberg Prison in  popular songs were not about con‐  The troops’ imaginary girlfriend  we might imagine. The Romanian  Hans  Von  Ohain,  lab  chief  Then there were the manned jet
 1924 for his part in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch the previous year.  From page 1  perform free concerts in various  Henri Conanda built the first jet  scientist in the ‘70s, inventor of  aircraft that Germany managed to
 90 years ago in 1934, Paul von Hindenburg, President of the Weimar  quest but about love, home and  was ultimately good for morale on  (Blaskapelle). As the performances  locations throughout the county in  concept airplane in 1910. The en‐  produce in significant numbers and
 Republic died. This gave Hitler the opportunity to combine the of‐  hearth. As my wife has often ob‐  all sides.  started adding more movement and  the summer, raising their profile to  gine failed and the plane burst into  the first jet engine.  bring up to the line. Most notable
 fices of President and Chancellor into one position for himself: Der  served, soldiers’ songs about women  As things turned out Lale An‐  show, younger audiences started to  the general public.  flames before it ever flew. End of  Two figures developed the tur‐  was  the  Messerschmitt  Me-262
 Führer…and the rest is frightening history.  were always about mothers and girl‐  dersen disappeared from the public  take notice.  In 2016, the GAM traveled to  story. Experiments with different  bojet engine in the 1930s: Great  fighter plane which was the most
 2024 marks the 85 anniversary of the outbreak of World War II friends, but rarely about wives.  eye in Germany in 1942 after au‐  At  the  same  time,  young  Germany again. This trip again had  forms of jet engines continued into  successful. About 1,400 were pro‐
 in 1939. It also marks the 80 anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge  Anyhow, the one German song  A  "Lili  Marleen"  and  Lale  thorities learned that she was less  Americans began to take an interest  us meeting up with our tour guide  the 1930s:  motorjet, turboprop,  Britain’s Frank Whittle and Ger‐  duced, and experimental squadrons
                                                                                                 many’s Hans von Ohain. Although
 in 1944, Germany’s last gasp on the western front. Already in Octo‐ that conquered much more success‐  Andersen memorial in Langeoog,  than enthusiastic about German  in the German culture. With both of  Günter Bachuber, but this time the  pulsejet and rocket-engine aircraft  were established. Three other de‐
 ber of the same year, Allied forces had crossed into Germany and fully than German armies ever did  Germany.  policies in the Warsaw Ghetto and  group visited more festivals, more  experiments multiplied. The Ger‐  while Whittle’s design eventually  signs saw action, including the
 managed to take Charlemagne’s city of Aachen. 2024 is also the 75 th  was Lili Marleen. The lyrics actually  stroy morale, and they did need to  that she was maintaining contacts  these events occurring at the same  proved to be the more robust de‐
 anniversary of the formal creation of East Germany and West Ger‐  dated to World War I, the work of  get past censors, who did deem the  with  Jewish  acquaintances  in  time, the GAM hoped that the  bier gardens and more historical  man Lippisch Ente was the first  sign, Ohain’s engine flew first as  Heinkel He 162 fighter plane (about
 many in 1949…and the 35 anniversary of the end of the Berlin Wall  Poet Hans Leip with the title The  Switzerland. Her career was effec‐  future for German culture in the  sites  to  bring  a  deeper  jerry-rigged rocket aircraft to fly in  Germany developed its secret con‐  300 produced), the Arado Ar 234,
 and of East Germany in 1989.  lyrics too melancholy.  United States was bright.  understanding of the culture to the  1928. The following year, the first  cept plane, the Heinkel He 178.  the first jet bomber (about 200 pro‐
 That brings us to what lies ahead in 2024. It’s a presidential elec‐  Girl Under the Lantern, which later  Norbert Schultze set the poem  tively ended for the duration of the  In July of 2008, the band  members who went. Of course,  purpose-built rocket plane, the Opel  The first internationally recog‐  duced), and the Messerschmitt Me
 tion year here in the United States. Hopefully we have all learned  published as The Song of a Young  to music in 1937, as part of the Ger‐  Nazi regime.  embarked on a tour of Germany,  those who went had quite a story to  RAK.1 flew, again in Germany.  nized functional jet plane that flew  163 Komet, the first rocket-powered
 something from events on the 4s and 9s listed above, many of them  Soldier on Watch Duty. There are a  man propaganda ministry project to  Authorities may have cracked  Switzerland,  Austria  and  tell, as Delta Airlines had a  was the Italian Caproni Campini  fighter plane (about 400 produced).
 sobering, or the results of events that should make us think. As Ger‐  few theories about the song’s name‐  boost military morale. Schultze was  down on Andersen, but cracking  Liechtenstein. The trip benefited  computer  issue,  stranding  the  N.1 Motorjet. Although the Ger‐  Since all of these were cutting-
 mans we should be well-placed to advise on what happens if we don’t sake, Lili Marleen, some more far-  responsible for a good many mili‐  down on a popular song proved  the younger members, who were  members  in  Munich  for  an  celebrated his 50th anniversary as a  man He 178 had already flown, the  edge technology they had their
 get things right – both on the left and on the right. Here’s to hopes fetched than others. The most com‐  tary songs in Nazi Germany, includ‐  more difficult for the propaganda  able to experience German culture  additional night or two. None of the  band member playing the trumpet  share of problems with reliability,
 that we all can at least keep things real, honest and civil.  mon theory is that Lili Marleen was  ing Bombs on England and From  ministry. By that time anyway the  group will forget that trip!  along with his wife, Linda, who  world did not know about the still-  short endurance and lack of quali‐
 Happy New Year to all.  a mashup of the names of Leip  Finland to the Black Sea.  Allies now were also on board with  first hand.  on  tour,  the  band  2016 saw changes with the  celebrated her 40th anniversary as  secret prototype.  fied pilots to fly them. Their biggest
 friend’s girlfriend and that of a  None of them became the hit  the song. As the U.S. was develop‐  an auxiliary member.  It also bears to mention that
 The views of columnists and letter writers do not necessarily reflect the  nurse he knew.  that Lili Marlene became, thanks in  ing its own Muzak program for Al‐  performed many concerts and  group as John Reagan stepped down  many great minds were thinking  drawback, however, was the mon‐
 views of the German Citizen. Letters to the editor are welcome at  formed a lasting bond with the tour  from the music director position  What is the GAM today? It is  alike as World War II broke out and  strous amount of fuel they needed or by mail:  The lyrics are about yearning to  large part to the sultry voice of Lale  lied troops, the Americans made the  guide, Günter Bachuber. Several  and Jeff Glaub stepped into that role  Buffalo's BIG German Band! The  expanded. The United States was  when Germany was struggling to
 The German Citizen, 3620 Harlem Road, Cheektowaga, NY 14215.  be with the girl who is waiting un‐  Andersen in the recording that was  hit even bigger after the 1943 release  members have a fond memory of  from 2016 to 2022. Tim Lyon has  GAM is a not-for-profit cultural  already working on a jet aircraft of  keep fuel supplies adequate for any
 of Lili Marleen in both German and
 der the lantern by the gate of the
 V iewpoints  boyfriend. The song ends with a  song got off to a slow start. German  even sultrier Marlene Dietrich.  middle  the  Hunter  street  in  performed as the opening act at  and preservation of the captivating  The British were well ahead of both  more than anything else, limited
 released only weeks before Ger‐
                                                                  group dedicated to the performance
                                   been the music director since.
                                                                                                                               of its war machine. The fuel issue,
     dancing the “Chicken Dance” in the
                                                                                                 its own and so were the Japanese.
 barracks and what she means to her
 English, this release featuring an
 many invaded Poland in 1939. The
                                                                                                                               their use and their effectiveness.
                                                                                                 of them with its Gloster Meteor, a
 strong sense of foreboding that this
 Lili Marleen’s fame continued in
 operations on the Yugoslavian front
                                                                  German-speaking lands.
                                   Kleinhans Music Hall for the BPO
       In 2009 one of the more
                                                                                                 small number of which made it into
 film after World War II and went on
 romance can’t end well. The lyrics
 in 1941 made it a hit after the Ger‐
                                                                     Today, the GAM currently has
                                   performance of selections from
                                                                                                                               technology produced during an aw‐
     memorable gigs was when we
                                                                                                 production and service by the end
 to become an unforgettable part of
 end the story tantalizingly unspecif‐
 mans started broadcasting it from
                                                                  35 members, five new probationary
                                   Wagner’s Ring Cycle. They also
                                                                                                                               ful conflict played a large role in
                                                                                                 of the war.
 ically. After all they could not de‐
 Radio Belgrade, which effectively
                                                                                                    But German jet and rocket pro‐
                                                                  consisting of both men and women
                                                                                                                               The combination of U.S. and British
                                   Gaufest held in Buffalo for the
     stage with Jimmy Sturr and his
 Germany faces crucial decisions as we enter 2024! the World War II playlist.  Oktoberfest where they played on  performed two evenings for the  recruits  and  substitute  players  grams were well ahead of everyone,  transforming the postwar world.
                                                                  for a total of 40 full-time and part-
                                   4,000+ Schuhplattler dancers.
                                                                                                                               heavy bomber technology with Ger‐
                                                                                                 and after the war all the Allies were
                                                                  time musicians and Auxiliary.
                                                                                                                               man jet technology made fast and
                                      For several years, the GAM
       The GAM played at the Utica
                                                                                                 eager to get their hands on German
 By John Duke  SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket  meaning they will consequently fly  without citing a specific source.  Maennerchor German Fest in 2010  hosted  Wurstfest  at  Buffalo's  Each member is dedicated to the  jet and rocket R&D – and more than  efficient world travel a reality, trans‐
 lifted off with two radar  in formation with SARah 1 to  Michael Esser, head of the  where a storm rolled in and cut the  Riverfest Park. This stopped in 2018  German culture. Members travel  willing to overlook any politics  formed air warfare, and helped to
 Areconnaissance satellites for  increase the resolution of the  criminal investigation department  power, but we kept playing as we  after the association decided that it  from as far away as Rochester to  among the talent that had produced  put both the United States and the
 the German military on Sunday  constellation," the outlet added.  of the Cologne police, said that the  can play acoustically. We went back  was getting hired so often, it no  attend practices and events. In 2023,  it.  Soviet Union into space.
 morning (Dec. 24).  SARah-2 was the eighth liftoff  threat indications pointed to New  the following year for the 2011  longer made sense for it to put the  it performed at 21 different events.
 The Falcon 9 rocket launched  for this particular Falcon 9's first  Year’s Eve rather than Christmas,  German Fest.  work into hosting events.  Visit  www. Germanamerican
 the SARah-2 mission to low Earth  stage, according to SpaceX. The  but added that “we are putting  In 2011, the GAM combined  The  GAM  have  been  where  you  can
 orbit  (LEO)  from  California's  booster came back for its eighth  everything possible in motion for  forces with SGTV Edelweiss to host  performing for years at Hamburg's  download a performing calendar.
 Vandenberg Space Force Base at  landing as well, touching down at  the security of cathedral visitors on  a very successful Buffalo Harbor  Oktoberfest and Old Falls Street  The standard four-hour show
 8:11 a.m. EST (1311 GMT; 5:11 a.m.  Vandenberg about eight minutes  Christmas Eve.”  Oktoberfest at Canalside, which  Oktoberfest in Niagara Falls. Also  features four energetic sets of
 local California time). The flight  after launch.  Cologne’s towering cathedral,  included  food  vendors,  a  taking part in the St. Louis  traditional German waltzes, polkas,
 had originally been slated for  SARah  2  and  SARah  3,  whose twin spires are 157 meters  marktplatz, music and dancing by  Weihnachtsmesse  (German  marches, folk music, rheinlanders,
 Saturday (Dec. 23) but was pushed  meanwhile, were set to deploy into  (515 feet) tall, is a major tourist  the two host groups and celebrity  Christmas Mass) in December of  modern pop and more to delight an
 back a day to allow for additional  LEO from the Falcon 9's upper stage  destination visited by some 6  keg tappers of Rick Jeanneret and  every year.  audience of all ages. The show
 preflight checks.  about 20 minutes and 25 minutes  million people a year.  Harry Neale. Seeing how popular it  In 1985, GAM participated in  squad gets any crowd onto the
 The SARah-2 mission sent two  after liftoff, respectively.  Police and cathedral officials  was, the GAM wanted to go forward  the recording of the Schallplatten  dance floor and will show them how
 synthetic aperture radar (the "SAR"  Sunday's launch continued a  off guard by the chaotic evacuation  urged those attending Mass on  with the event the following year,  Fest along with many other local  to party “German Style” with lively
 in  "SARah-2")  reconnaissance  very busy 2023 for SpaceX. The  of the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan.  Sunday evening to arrive early and  but due to scheduling conflicts the  German performers.  shticks,  singing  and  dancing.
 satellites aloft for the German  company has launched 94 orbital  The only reason Germany and other  not bring bags or purses.  Edelweiss dance group was unable  Since 1989 the GAM has  Audience participation is always
 military.  missions so far this year, as well as  Western European forces were in  The European Union’s home  to assist, creating the Oktoberfest at  released the following recordings:  welcome.
 "The satellites will continue the  two test flights of its giant Starship  Afghanistan was to back up the  affairs  commissioner,  Ylva  Canalside event.  • “Konzert Kapelle” in 1989 and  It has a sound and stage crew
 A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket topped  replacement process of the aging  rocket that didn't make it to orbit.  United States after the Terrorist  Johansson, warned on Dec. 5, 2023,  Putting together an even larger  remastered in 1990 under the  and a store where they sell a variety
 with  the  German  military's  SAR-Lupe constellation," Everyday  And, there were to be more  attacks of September 11th, 2001.  that Europe faces a “huge risk of  event, including celebrity keg tapper  direction of George Hinterbichler;  of jewelry, hats, monogrammed
 SARah-2 mission launches from wrote in a mission  SpaceX flights before the calendar  Middle Eastern Terror is moving  terrorist attacks” over the Christmas  Martin Biron, the turnout far  • “Our Favorites” in 2005 under  scarves, authentic German made
 Complex 4 East (SLC-4E) at  description.  turned. For example, the company's  into Western Europe in 2024!  holidays due to fallout from the war  exceeded anyone’s expectations, and  the direction of Thomas Mudd, Jr.;  steins, as well as its own recorded
 Vandenberg Space Force base on  "SARah 2 and SARah 3 are two  powerful Falcon Heavy rocket is  Cologne (Köln), police acting  in the Middle East.  between the loss of funding and the  • “From Buffalo with Love!” in  CDs.
 Sunday, Dec. 24, 2023.  'reflector  antenna'  satellites,  scheduled to launch the U.S. Space  on indications of a possible attack,  If  Western  Europe  doesn't  event becoming too big, the GAM  2007 under the direction of Glenn  The GAM rehearse on mostly
 Force's X-37B space plane to orbit  searched  Germany’s  landmark  immediately  take  stronger  decided to change its focus and stop  Call; • “Take Us Home With You” in  the  first,  second  and  fourth
                                                                  Thursday evenings at the Townline
 The German Citizen  on Dec. 28.  cathedral with sniffer dogs on  protection  measures,  it  could  sponsoring  Oktoberfests  and  2011 under the direction of John  Lutheran Church in Alden from 7-9
     instead take advantage of all the
 Saturday, Dec. 23, 2023, and said
 become weaker like the United
 Germany must now keep an eye
 Published by Buffalo Standard Printing  out for developments in the Baltic  worshipers attending Christmas Eve  States in both, New York City and  offers to play for others instead.  Reagan.  p.m.
                                                                     They are always looking for new
 3620 Harlem Rd.  and Ukraine.  Mass would have to undergo  now across what once was its  Therefore, the GAM hosted their  The GAM is a member of the  members to join the association
 Cheektowaga, NY 14215  The United States promised the  security screening before being  Southern Border.  final Oktoberfest on the 50th  Federation of German-American  whether  you  can  play  an
 716-831-8013  people of Ukraine they would have  allowed in.  * * *  anniversary of hosting their first  Vicinity, Inc.  instrument, sing, dance, help with
 In Austria, police in Vienna also
 Köln (Cologne) is the largest  the equipment to free their country  said they were taking heightened  city of the German western state of  Since 2014, The GAM has been  The GAM is also an Archives  sound and stage set-up and enjoy
 after the Russian invasion of 2022. It
 Editor - Roger Puchalski  is being dribbled out very slowly so  security measures around churches  North Rhine-Westphalia and the  the band “in residence” for the  and  Repository  for  German,  celebrating the German culture. For
 Consulting Editor - Martin Ederer  that Ukraine will have enough to  and Christmas markets, deploying  fourth-most  populous  city  of  Wurst Party Ever at Peek ‘n Peak  European and American music.  more information about joining, e-
 For Advertising Sales call:  resort in Clymer, NY, performing  The library includes over 1,200  mail  membership@german
 Michelle Kisluk or Steve Kroczynski  stay fighting but not enough to win  both uniformed and plainclothes  Germany with nearly 1.1 million
 the war. Germany, with some help  officers.  inhabitants in the city proper and  there every year (except 2020 when  different pieces for a Blaskapelle,
 from France and Britain, has  Neither police agency specified  over 3.1 million people in the  the event was canceled).  many of which are no longer in  If you are interested in having
 January - February  March - April  increased its assistance.  the threat, but the German news  Cologne  Bonn  urban  region.  In 2015 and 2016, Alan Knowles  print. It is working to preserve and  them perform at your event in 2024,
                                                                  contact us at businessmanager
 May - June  July - August  Ukraine now has its own  agency dpa said authorities were  Centered on the left (west) bank of  applied for and was awarded an Erie  digitize the collection to one day
 September - October  November - December  Foreign Legion. It is largely made up  responding to signs of a possible  the Rhine.  County Cultural Funding grant.  make it available to the public.
 of ex-NATO forces that were caught  attack  by  Islamic  extremists,  This allowed the Association to  In  2023,  Vern  McEvoy
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