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                                              AUSTRIA • GERMANY • LIECHTENSTEIN • SWITZERLAND
       Vol. 11 No. 5                                                                                            September-October 2023 Issue

      46th Annual Waldfest

      draws big crowds and

      enthusiastic revelers

         by Steve Dlugosz               Table reservations were made as
            uilding  on  long-standing far back as six months to a year ago
            momentum  and  coordinat- by  various  organizations  and  indi-
      Bing "generational" entertain- viduals,  a  large  number  of  which
      ment for the many in attendance at actually come to WNY from out of
      Waldfest, the Spring Garden Asso- state and are described as "genera-
      ciation in large part organized quite tional" tables that are passed down
      the celebration, again, for the 46th through the years.
      Annual  Waldfest  celebration,  also  According to Keith Krug of the
      known  as  "Festival  in  the  Woods" Spring  Garden  Association,  tables
      on July 16, 2023.              quickly  sold  out  and  attendance  at
         Waldfest, which is stated as be- this year's Waldfest was among the
      ing  the  largest  German-American highest  it's  ever  been.  Extensive
      festival  in  Western  New  York,  at- planning for the event was coordi-  THE  POLISH  GERMAN
      tracted a great crowd for the annual nated by the Spring Garden Associ-  CELEBRATION  of  SGTV
      event held in Spring Garden Park in ation's Waldfest Committee.  Edelweiss  Buffalo  (SGTV  =
      Marilla.  The  SGTV  Edelweiss    Many reserving entities come to
      Schuhplattlers also assisted in coor- WNY  for  up  to  a  week  as  part  of  Schuplattler  Gebirgstrachten
      dinating the day's events.     their participation in the event.  Verein) at  Spring Garden on
         Jon  Snyder  of  South  Buffalo  "We're  pretty  happy  with  the  Aug.  5,  2023  attracted
      donned  traditional  Bavarian  attire turnout and the overall enjoyment of  Western New Yorkers looking
      (Lederhosen)  and  enjoyed  several the day for all those who attended,"
                                                                   for ethnic music and dancing.
      refillable  stein-fulls  of  the  Sankey said  Krug,  whose  own  family  (his
      beer  tap,  which  was  tapped  along grandparents)  participated  in  and  Photos courtesy
      with  traditional  German  kegs.  He attended Waldfest dating back to the  of Martin Ederer
      and his wife, Korinne, joined many early  days  of  the  festival,  with  a
      friends and family at the event and "Krug's Sausages" table being pres-
      enjoyed the sun-filled day.    ent  as  part  of  the  event  for  three
         "It's always a terrific time to en- generations.
      joy  the  day  in  the  Festival  of  the  He  added,  "There  are  a  lot  of
      Woods," said Snyder, who has ex- other  festivals  in  Western  New
      tensive German roots in his family York, but none that have the kind of
      tree. "It really is a day to look for- generational  aspect  that  (Waldfest)
      ward to, and to enjoy with a group has."
      of friends."                      Krug estimates that between 80
         Snyder  and  his  family  enjoyed and  90  percent  of  businesses  and
      tasty  sausages  and  German  potato individuals who attend Waldfest are
      salad  among  the  traditional  fare. repeat customers. Literally hundreds
      Pretzels with mustard were another of emails related to tables and ticket-
      popular item among customers.  ing  are  sent  to  the  Waldfest  Com-
         Musical  bands  performing  in- mittee, he said.
      cluded  traditional  favorites  The  Tony Kronbeck of Cheektowaga
      Auslanders in the "Fest" hall and the has attended Waldfest on many oc-
      German-American      Musicians casions and enjoys the revelry of the
      (GAM) in the "Grove" (play field) day.
      area.  Warsteiner  was  the  primary  "You  get  to  see  a  bunch  of
      beer served at the event, along with friends, hear some good music, and
      several other favorites.       enjoy some great brews and food,"
                                     said Kronbeck. "It's definitely a fun

                                                                  Steuben Society

                                                                  service project

                                                                  by Daniel Schwarz
                                                                     An interesting Civil War Medal of
                                                                  Honor recipient, and GAR (Grand Ar-
                                                                  my of the Republic) member John H.
                                                                  McHugh’s grave was recently given a
                                                                  face lift at the historic Concordia Cem-
                                                                  etery  in  Buffalo.  The  members  of  the
                                                                  Samuel  Helm  Unit  144,  the  Buffalo
                                                                  chapter  of  the  Steuben  Society  of
                                                                  America performed this work as a pa-
                                                                  triotic service project. The members at
                                                                  left  are:  Erich  Reidell,  Dan  Schwarz,
                                                                  and Paul F. Jones.
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