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German Leckerbissen

      Part 3
      by Daniel Schwarz                                                                           variations of this Schorle drink, but and Das” (the gender of words), that
                                                                                                  Apfelschorle (apple juice) is one of confuses even some Germans. But,
          he closest word to tidbit in Ger-
      Tman is Leckerbissen. Literally,                                                            the  most  popular.  Then  those  that the  alphabet  is  the  fundamental
                                                                                                  want beer, but want something dif- building blocks of words. Each lan-
      Leckerbissen means tasty morsels or
      bits. The following are some tidbits                                                        ferent  with  lower  alcohol  content, guage  has  its  unique  alphabet  and
                                                                                                  they  order  a  Radler  which  is  beer pronunciation,  and  the  guttural
      of German culture, traditions, histo-
      ry, language, and current events.                                                           and Lemonade mixed. Radler trans- sounds that sometimes is required.
                                                                                                  lates as cyclist. And there is always This does not even take into account
         � Bad Dürkheimer Wurstfest
      - This festival in the fall is one of                                                       a  Diesel,  which  is  beer  and  cola the  many  dialects  that  also  affect
                                                                                                  mixed. Yes, even white wine mixed pronunciation.  For  English  speak-
      thousands  historically  celebrated
      throughout Germany each year.  It is                                                        with sparkling water or lemonade is ers, luckily the alphabet letters are
                                                                                                  called  a  Spritzer  or  Weinschorle. the same in both languages, with a
      the  largest  wine  festival  in  the
      world,  and  the  pride  of  the  Pfalz.                                                    Let’s  not  forget  red  wine  when few extras added in German.
                                                                                                  mixed  with  cola  is  called  Kalte  Turn off your English speaking
      This year the city council has can-
      celed this mega-event for the second                                                        Muschi. The mixing is only limited alphabet  when  speaking  German,
                                                                                                  by  someone’s  imagination  in  Ger- and use the German pronunciation.
      year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
      Although it is called a Wurstfest, it                                                       many.  Yes,  toasting  with  any  of For example, the word Lederhosen
                                                                                                  these drinks is acceptable, so don’t (traditional  German  leather  men’s
      showcases  the  new  wines  of  the
      region.  Besides  the  food,  drinks,                                                       worry about any Aberglauben (su- pants)  is  not  pronounced  “Leeder-
                                                                                                  perstition).                   hose-en”,  but  “Lay-da-ho-sen”.
      this multi-day Bad Dürkheimer fes-
      tival  has  live  music,  fairground                                                           �  German  Pronunciation  – Since  correct  pronunciation  is  so
                                                                                                  When learning to speak a new for- important, even travel guide books
      amusement rides, and family enter-
      tainment.                                                                                   eign language, besides learning the attempt  to  help  language  learning
         It  is  also  home  to  a  fabulous                                                      words, it is most important how to with pronunciation guides for words
      restaurant constructed inside of the                                                        correctly  pronounce  them.  Start and  phrases  needed  for  speaking
      largest wine barrel (wein fass) in the                                                      with  pronouncing  the  most  funda- foreign  languages  when  traveling.
      world. The barrel has a volume for                                                          mental part of words, which is the Learning  your  ABC’s  in  a  foreign
      about 1.7 million Litres of wine, if                                                        alphabet. Yes, there is the grammar. language, and their correct pronun-
      it  were  ever  filled!  When  wine  is                                                     Yes, there is the conjugation of the ciation can be a challenge, but help-
      served in the restaurant, it comes in                                                       verbs.  Yes,  and  perhaps  the  most ful  in  sounding  like  a  native
      the  traditional  Rhine  wine  Römer                                                        confusing in German is “Der, Die, speaker.
      clear  goblet  with  the  heavy  green
      stem base, and in several sizes. This
      annual  festival  is  located  in  the
      beautiful spa town of Bad Dürkheim
      on the famous A.D.Weinstrasse (on
                                     meg, parsley, salt and pepper. It is countries is for a fire or need of an
      the wine street/route) in the German
      State   of   Rhineland-Palatinate  normally baked in a cast iron skillet emergency  ambulance  they  dial
                                     Dribbe, in a 400 degrees oven for 112. If you need the police for an
      (Rheinland-Pfalz).  The  German
      Wine Route is about 85-kilometres  about one hour.            emergency then the number to dial
                                        � Burg,  Berg,  Bach,  and is 110.
      long,  starting  in  Schweigen-Rech-
      tenbach  near  the  French  boarder,  Schloss – These are German words  � Fingerhakeln – This is Ger-
                                     that can stand alone, but more com- man  Alpine  finger  wrestling.  This
      and  travels  north  to  Bockenheim.
      Tourists can travel this route to see  monly are connected with the name sport involves two competitors that
                                     of a specific place. Their translation are  physically  matched  in  age  and
      the many vintner’s villages, and en-
      joy  the  wine  tasting  opportunities  means  fortress,  mountain,  stream, weight,  that  sit  across  from  each
                                     and  castle,  respectively.  You  have other  at  a  table  and  pull  a  small
      along the way with the local cuisine.
      The route is clearly marked by yel-  probably heard these words as part leather band using only one finger
                                     of places in Germany such as Ham- to try to pull the opponent across the
      low  signs  with  stylized  bunch  of
      grapes.                        burg, Heidelberg, Horschbach, and table. It is very popular in Bavaria
                                     Schloss Neuschwanstein. It is very and  Austria,  with  formal  competi-
         � Dibbelabbes – This is a tradi-
      tional  potato  meal  (kartoffel,  or  in  common that towns and places are tion to determine a champion.
                                     named  after  them,  since  these  are  �  German  Drinks  –  Yes,  we
      dialect  Grumbeere  translated  as
      crooked  pear)  which  is  popular  in  such  prominent  features  and  are all  know  that  Germany  is  famous
                                     identified with the community.  for its Bier (beer) and Wein (wine),
      the German state of Saarland. This
      dish  is  a  potato  gratin,  similar  to  �  Emergency  Phone  #’s  -  In but did you know of the many other
                                     Germany  the  equivalent  phone interesting drinks with lower alco-
      scalloped potatoes, however, made
      with grated potatoes and not sliced  number(s) to the nationwide emer- hol content, or no alcohol that they
                                     gency phone number of 911 is di- enjoy?  How  about  Spezi  which  is
      potatoes.  To  that  is  added  sautéed
      onions,  braised  dried  or  smoked  vided  into  two  separate  phone Fanta  mixed  with  cola;  Schorle
                                     numbers. If your emergency in Ger- which is fruit juice mixed with spar-
      meats, egg, and spices such as nut-
                                     many  and  many  other  European kling  water.  There  are  numerous
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