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4 • The German Citizen •March - April 2024
     German Easter greetings from yesteryear . . .

                                                                                                 Concerns over Russia top

                                                                                                 agenda at European gathering

                                                                                                   By John Duke
                                                                                                       lthough for the most part,  from other countries such as China,
                                                                                                       Americans are not aware of  India, Iran, Japan and Russia are
                                                                                                 Athe Munich Security          invited to discuss the current issues
                                                                                                 Conference even though the    in security and defense policies.
                                                                                                 American Vice President attended  The intention of the conference
                                                                                                 it last month. Russia used to attend,  is to address the topical main
                                                                                                 but now they're the main topic of  security issues and to debate and
                                                                                                 concern. It is important for the  analyze the main security
                                                                                                 German Community of Western   challenges in the present and the
                                                                                                 New York to know about it!    future in line with the concept of
                                                                                                   The Munich Security         networked security. A focal point of
                                                                  Postcard cover, center photo: A  Conference (MSC; German:
     are owned by Martha Haseley.                                 Happy Easter. Accept this simple                             the conference is the discussion
     Above cover: A Heartfelt Easter                                                             Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz) is  and the exchange of views on the
                                                                  wish from me, A Happy Easter   an annual conference on       development of the transatlantic
     Greeting. Inside: I live and you                             may yours be. Reverse side: To
     shall also live.  John 14:19. The                                                           international security policy that  relations as well as European and
                                                                  Martha Pfuhl, Sanborn, NY. Luck  has been held in Munich, Bavaria,  global security in the 21st century.
     Hero has won over death that
                                                                  and blessing for Easter from   Germany since 1963. Formerly     The conference is organized
     tied him down: The sunshine falls                            Uncle Phillip and Emma.        named the Munich Conference on
     into the open grave. Signed: John                                                                                         privately and therefore not an
                                                                                                 Security Policy (German:      official government event. It is used
     and Cordelia, Ruth and Ronald.
                                                                                                 Münchner Konferenz für        exclusively for discussion; an
                                                                                                 Sicherheitspolitik), the motto is:  authorization for binding
     German-Polish production is hit                                                             Peace through Dialogue. It is the  intergovernmental decisions does
                                                                                                 world's largest gathering of its kind.
                                                                                                                               not exist. Furthermore, there is -
     From page 1                   is full and the bed dry. Krabat grows  Dagmara Sowa, Michael Vogel.  Over the past four decades the  contrary to usual conventions - no
     play  “Paderewski’s  Children”  closer and closer to the master.  The Biograph Theatre located at  Munich Security Conference has  common final communiqué. The
     written and directed by Professor  Finally, it is not heroism, but  2433 N. Lincoln Ave. which seats  become the most important  high-level meeting is also used to
     Kazimierz Braun at the University at  disobedience – the motive of  over 200 people was the venue for  independent forum for the  discrete background discussions
     Buffalo.                      gaining a friend and a girl who loves  the four sold out performances.  exchange of views by international  between the participants. An
       Krabat has been performed   him – that breaks the power of the  Originally a movie theater, the  security policy decision-makers.  exception is the presentation of
     more than 200 times since its  spell. It’s a play about hard times,  Biograph gained notoriety as the  Each year it brings together about  global political decisions, such as
     premiere in 2016. Versions have  human falls and the power of first  location where bank robber John  350 senior figures from more than  the exchange of instruments of
     been performed in German, Polish,  love. Krabat goes straight to the  Dillinger was shot by FBI agents,  70 countries around the world to  ratification for the New START
     French and in Japan with the help of  heart  with  penetrating  clarity,  after he watched a gangster movie  engage in an intensive debate on  disarmament agreement between
     an  interpreter.  The  Chicago  power of image, stage humor and a  there on July 22, 1934. The theatre is  current and future security  the United States and Russia, which
     production is the first time it is  minimum of words. Dark, bold and  on the National Register of Historic  challenges. The list of attendees  was held at the conclusion of the
     performed in English.         at the same time incredibly light, it’s  Places  and  was  designated  a  includes heads of states,  security conference in 2011.
       Krabat is based on the classic  a carousal of feelings spinning  Chicago Landmark on March 28,  governments and international  —
     German children’s book “Krabat  among great musical landscapes.  2001.                      organizations, ministers, high-  It might seem like I write a lot
     and the Sorcerer’s Mill,” a stray war  Script and direction: Christine  For more information on Grupa  ranking representatives of armed  about Bavaria, but that is because of
     orphan finds shelter with 11 millers  Zanger, Stage design and puppets:  Coincidentia  visit  www.grupa  forces, science, civil society, as well  my old neighborhood in Buffalo's
     and their master. Strict rules, dark  Michael  Vogel;  Live  music:; for Figurentheater  as business and media.  Black Rock Section, where I also
     practices, black magic…anything  Charlotte  Wilde,  Cast:  Pawel  Wilde & Vogel visit www.figuren  The conference is held annually  have many Hessian friends, like the
     can be endured as long as the bowl  Chomczyk,  Stefan  Wenzel,       in February. (This year, 2024, it was  Edingers who live there. And some
                                                                                                 held from Feb. 16 thru the 18).The  of my very best friends, that I've
                                                                                                 venue is the Hotel Bayerischer Hof  written about are Prussians like the
                                                                                                 in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.  Meßerschmidt's (Messerschmidt's)
                                                                                                   At this conference, under the  who are still in the aircraft industry.
                                                                                                 theme of peace through dialogue,  I strive to include Alle Deutsches
                                                                                                 senior politicians, diplomats,  Volk. And there is no better paper
                                                                                                 military and security experts from  to read about it than "The German
                                                                                                 the member countries of NATO  Citizen!"
                                                                                                 and the European Union, but also
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