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Kahles built rock solid concrete company in Buffalo

           y bride and I have been look-
      Ming into building a cottage on
      Canandaigua Lake and all the mate-
      rials needed to do so. Besides what
      we  knew  we  needed  like  lumber,          GREGORY                                        of  gravel  and  sand  land  in  the illness,  Ludwig  F.  Kahle  passed
      wiring, plumbing, fixtures, dry wall,        WITUL            earned him a number of jobs build-  Towns of Lancaster and Newstead. away. He was memorized at Resur-
      insulation, and concrete, there were                          ing homes and within a year he was
                                                                    receiving contracts from the city for  Ludwig further expanded his hold- rection  Lutheran  Church  on  Doat
      a few things we hadn’t considered.
                                                                    cement  work  on  local  bridges.  In  ings  in  1957  by  taking  over  the Street and interred at Forest Lawn
      We also need to lay down fresh turf,
                                                                    time Kahle would work on projects  Pfohl Brothers sand and gravel firm Cemetery.
      add a subpanel for the work shed,                                                           of Cheektowaga.                   The Pine Hill Concrete Compa-
      invest in a humidity control system, Following  the  Great  War,  Ludwig  from  the  Fletcher  Street  School  in  With  the  great  success  of  the ny would stay strong under the next
      and purchase a ton of gravel for a along  with  his  brother  Curt  and  Tonawanda to all the cement work  company Ludwig and his wife Ot- generation  of  Kahles.  Mark  would
      French  drain.  If  we  were  building Carl,  and  sister  Irmgard  were  of-  for  Division  Tire  &  Supply  Co.  tilie  built  themselves  a  new  home guide it after his father and Drew C.
      the house a little more than a decade fered  the  chance  to  move  to  the  building on Jefferson Ave.  near  the  Cleveland  Hill  neighbor- Kahle served as vice president as the
      ago, the only place we would have United  States  and  live  with  their  In 1946, Kahle was offered the  hood. In his free time Kahle could business became known as Pine Hill
      gone for concrete and gravel would maternal  grandfather  Frederick  opportunity to buy a small concrete  be  found  at  the  Buffalo  Trap  and Materials. In 2001 the French multi-
      have  been  the  Pine  Hill  Concrete Heckel in Buffalo.      mixing firm at 2255 Bailey. Know-  Field Club, the Park Country Club, national  corporation  Lafarge  pur-
      Company.                          In  the  Queen  City  Ludwig  ing the returns that could be made  or tending to his stable of horses. As chased all the assets of Pine Hill and
         Ludwig F. Kahle was born in the worked  as  a  carpenter  for  a  short  on the supply side of mason work  his son came of age and began tak- the company was closed down, end-
      tiny  village  of  Krumhermersdorf, time  but  was  soon  focused  on  be-  and  wanting  to  get  away  from  the  ing a more active role in Pine Hill, ing  the  half  century  legacy  of  this
      halfway  between  Leipzig  and coming  a  cement  mason.  After  a  back breaking labor, Ludwig made  Ludwig semi-retired from the com- German-American firm.
      Prague, in the Kingdom of Saxony decade   of   training,   Ludwig  his move. After winding down the  pany. On Sept. 22, 1976 after a brief
      on April 8, 1903. While living in the launched   Concrete   Contractor:  contracting  work  and  getting  the
      German Empire, Kahle finished his “Quality  Works  at  Lowest  Prices”  logistics of his new company in or-
      formal education at the end of the out of his home at 2346 Genesee St.  der Ludwig brought on his brothers,
      8th  grade  and  entered  the  trades. in  late  1930.  Ludwig’s  experience  Carl  and  Curt,  and  incorporated
                                                                    Pine  Hill  Concrete  Mix  Corp.  in
                                                                    July of 1949.
                                                                      Right out of the gate the Kahles
                                                                    ran  into  trouble.  Before  they  were
                                                                    even  incorporated  the  AFL  Truck
                                                                    Drivers Union voted to picket Pine
                                                                    Hill, as well as the Stone Mix, Buf-
                                                                    falo Gravel, George Frey, and Con-
                                                                    crete   Construction   companies.
                                                                    Almost as soon as that was settled
                                                                    the families living on Haven Street
                                                                    began  complaining  about  all  the
                                                                    trucks going up and down the road.
                                                                    Ludwig’s lawyers were able to sal-
                                                                    vage  the  situation  by  proving  that
                                                                    the Haven Street entrance to the site
                                                                    predated the 1920 zoning laws.
                                                                      It didn’t take long for Pine Hill
                                                                    Concrete  to  become  a  raging  suc-
                                                                    cess. By 1951 the firm poached the
                                                                    top district sales manager from the
                                                                    Huron Portland Cement Company,
                                                                    had 70 employees, operated a fleet
                                                                    of 50 concrete-mixing trucks, and a
                                                                    second location in Depew.
                                                                      To insure the company’s future
                                                                    Kahle began buying up huge tracts

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