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                                              AUSTRIA • GERMANY • LIECHTENSTEIN • SWITZERLAND
       Vol. 10 No. 2                                                                                                         May - June 2022 Issue

       PalAm 2022 National                                          NY Chapter

       Conference set for  June 2022                                Palatines
                                                                    Conference is in
            he Palatines to America Na-
            tional  Conference  will  be                            person and Zoom
      Theld in Denver on June 16-
      18, 2022.  The Conference will fea-
      ture two full days of lectures by Dr.
      Wolfgang  Grams  of  Oldenburg,
      Germany,  and  Daniel  Jones,  AG,
      German, Swiss and Slavic Research
      Specialist at the Family History Li-
      brary in Salt Lake City.
         Dr.    Wolf-
      gang Grams will
      lecture on:                                                       ew York Chapter Palatines to
         �� Facts  and                                              NAmerica,  German  Genealogy
      Fiction  in  the                                              Society,  will  host  a  conference  on  Samuel  Schenck  House  one  of  Buffalo's  oldest  known  houses  still
      German  Ameri-                                                Saturday June 4, 2022 via Zoom or  standing at its original location.
      can    Migration                  �� Solving  Complex  Genealogi-  in  person  at  the  Germantown  Li-
      Experience;                    cal  Problems:    The  Case  of  Bal- brary in Germantown, NY. The fo-
                                                                    cus of this conference is the Henry EC200 Bicentennial
         �� The  Pursuit  of  Happiness: thasar Weber
      Faith, Land and Hope;             Conference  registration  fee  in- Z. Jones, Jr. Palatine Research Cen-
         �� German  Resources  to  Trace cludes:                    ter.  Hank  Jones  will  join  partici-  heritage projects to include
      Your Roots I:  Archives, Digitiza-  ��All eight lectures      pants via live video to introduce the
      tion and Online Resources in Ger-  ��Lunches on Friday and Satur-  collection.              Schenk House marker
      many;                          day                              Thomas Shannon, vice president
         �� German  Resources  to  Trace  ��The Friday evening banquet  NY PalAm and Town Historian of  ollowing  a  year  of  concerts, tinuum: A History of Erie County is
      Your Roots II:  Documents         �� A  no-host  Get  Acquainted  Germantown,  will  speak  about  the  educational  displays,  com- The Buffalo History Museum’s leg-
         Daniel  Jones               event on Thursday evening.     specifics of the collection and plans  Fmunity  events,  special  pro- acy contribution to the bicentennial.
      will lecture on:                  Other conference highlights:  for making it accessible. Attendees  grams,  and  more  cross-county  fun The  signature  exhibit  was  realized
         �� From  the                   ��Bus tour of “German Denver”  will be able to view the collection  and learning the Erie County bicen- through  a  generous  Erie  County
      Alps to the Rhein:             (10 a.m.-3 p.m., June 16) with lunch  firsthand.             tennial committee has brought down capital  investment.  We  hope  the
      Beginning  Your                at Helga’s German Restaurant     There  will  then  be  a  lecture  the curtain on Erie County’s bicen- community takes advantage of pay-
      Swiss Research;                   ��Opportunity for complimenta-  about the Palatine Germans who are  tennial celebration with a review of as-you-wish  admission  and  comes
         ��   Foreign                ry translation service         buried  at  the  Cheviot,  First  Re-  the  year’s  activities  and  the  an- by to explore this and more at the
      Language    Re-                   ��Opportunity for a complimen-  formed and First Lutheran cemeter-  nouncement of a slate of upcoming museum.”
      search:  Tools for Reading Genea-  tary research consultation.  ies  located  in  the  early  Palatine  heritage projects that will continue  “Despite the challenges of com-
      logical Documents;                Numerous  books,  maps,  and  settlement  areas  of  Germantown.  the bicentennial legacy.  memorating  a  bicentennial  in  the
         ��Defending the Vaterland:  Ger- other research materials will be for  Weather  permitting,  attendees  will  “The  EC200  bicentennial  cele- middle of a pandemic, the effort has
      man Military Records;          sale.                          have a field trip to Cheviot Ceme-  bration provided a year of learning, been a great success.  We have had
                                                                    tery where Christopher White, NY
                                                                                                  entertainment, and newfound appre- the opportunity to share the untold
                                        Online registration is now open
                                                                    chapter  programs  chair,  will  do  a  ciation both for our rich history and stories  and  unheard  voices  that
                                                                    live gravestone cleaning workshop.  for  the  strong  mosaic  of  our  com- make Erie County's history so rich
                                                                      Following  the  meeting,  attend-  munity today. Working with many and diverse.  From digital billboards
                                                                    ees  are  encouraged  to  utilize  the  partners to make this year a success to in-person events to museum ex-
                                                                    great collection of Palatine German  not  only  made  for  lighter  work,  it hibits,  we  have  worked  hard  to
                                                                    genealogical materials at the library.  brought  forward  rich  perspectives, make sure that every story and ev-
                                                                      Lunch will not be provided. This  thoughtful  input,  and  creative  tal- ery constituency has been represent-
                                                                    event  is  free,  suggested  donation  ents that truly spotlighted the diver- ed  in  the  commemoration  of  our
                                                                    $20.                          sity, energy, and resilience of Erie bicentennial.  Commemorating our
                                                                      To  register  via  PayPal,  go  to:  County and its residents,” said Erie diversity and amplifying those sto-
                                                            County  Executive  Mark  C.  Polon- ries is one of the significant legacies
                                                                    PalAm1710.  Type  in  the  “What  is  carz.                  of EC200,” added Erie County his-
                                                                    this  payment  for?”  section  of  the  “We are building today for fu- torian Douglas Kohler.
                                                                    PayPal  page  your  name,  phone  ture generations of county residents  A  number  of  EC200  Legacy
                                                                    number and email of the person(s)  who  may  not  ever  know  who  we projects  will  be  completed  after
                                                                    attending the conference. Also indi-  were  but  will  understand  that  we April 2022, including:
                                                                    cate  if  you  will  be  attending  via  cared  enough  about  this  county  to  The  EC200  Historic  Markers
                                                                    Zoom or in person.            leave it a stronger, better, more in- Committee  will  begin  meeting  in
                                                                      To pay by checks, make checks  clusive  place  for  them.  I  deeply May to begin the process of install-
                                                                    payable to: NY Chapter – Palatines  thank  our  partners  in  the  EC200 ing  new  markers  and  plaques
                                                                    to America and mail to: Garry Fin-  endeavor  for  their  commitment  to throughout Erie County. Markers so
                                                                    kell,  PO  Box  8811,  Albany,  NY  making  this  a  true  countywide  bi- far  are  planned  for:  the  Schenk
                                                                    12208.                        centennial  celebration  that  exam- House  at  Grover  Cleveland  golf
                                                                      The  purpose  of  Palatines  to  ined the past, celebrated the present, course  (future  site  of  Erie  County
      “Welcome Orioles” sign outside of 562 Genesee St. in 1930.    America a German Genealogy Soci-  and looked to the future.”  Parks  Museum);  the  Buffalo  and
                                                                    ety is to promote the study of Ger-  Melissa Brown, EC200 co-chair Erie County Botanical Gardens; the
      The German roots of Buffalo’s                                 manic   immigration   to   North  and executive director of the Buffa- East  Presbyterian  Church  led  by
                                                                    America, to publish information of  lo History Museum, said, “Dozens Uncrowned Community Builders; a
      Ukrainian home – Dnipro                                       general  interest,  and  to  provide  a  of  EC200  heritage-based  partners plaque for the Buffalo Green Fund
                                                                    means  for  members  to  exchange  led projects that showcased our his- at  the  Grover  Golf  Course  Club
         by Martin Ederer            other meeting space are upstairs. If
                                                                    information and share research. For  tory  through  the  generations  –  for
          he Ukrainian crisis has brought you have never seen it, you should.                                                                continued on page 6
                                                                    more  information  please  visit:  all its complexity and nuance. Con-
      Ta good amount of public atten-   Buffalo’s  old  neighborhoods
      tion to fundraising efforts being co- were  blessed  with  numerous  such
      ordinated   out   of   Buffalo’s church,  school,  ethnic  and  social
      Ukrainian  Cultural  Center,  Home club  auditoriums,  many  of  them
      Dnipro, located at 562 Genesee St.  quite ornate. Think of the old Dom
         It’s a lovely multistory building Polski halls.
      in what was once the heart of Ger-  After  World  War  II,  there  was
      man Buffalo. There’s a great vault- an  influx  of  Ukrainian  immigrants
      ed Rathskeller. The restrooms are a into the Buffalo area. In 1955, they
      great trip back into the 1910s. There bought  what  had  been  the  Orioles
      is  a  good-size  library  and  meeting building. Built in 1914, the Orioles
      space on the first floor. Up front is a Building was home to the Fraternal
      credit union. A large auditorium and Order of Orioles Nest #1.
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