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                                              AUSTRIA • GERMANY • LIECHTENSTEIN • SWITZERLAND
       Vol. 10 No. 3                                                                                                      July - August 2022 Issue

      Germans worry                                                 Maifest celebrates recurring

      about war and inflation                                       tradition at Hofbrauhaus Buffalo

  The  German  govern-  pushing environmental concerns in-  by Steve Dlugosz
      Dment  is  supporting  Ukraine,  to third place.                   he  arrival  of  spring  and
      battling  inflation,  and  combatting  The  war  is  driving  up  energy  warm  weather  in  Buffalo
      climate change. A monthly survey  prices,  but  food  prices  have  also  Twere  embraced  conjointly
      has asked voters how they rate the  risen  significantly.  Almost  half  of  with the annual Maifest celebration
      efforts.                       all  respondents  said  they  already  at Hofbrauhaus Buffalo on May 22,
         This week, German Chancellor  have  to  cut  back  significantly  be-  an  event  that  officially  kicked  off
      Olaf  Scholz  made  the  announce-  cause  of  this.  Among  low-income  the biergarten season and highlights
      ment that Ukraine                              earners,   77%  one of the oldest German traditions.
      is  to  receive  the                           say they are be-  Maifest  has  religious  origins,
      most  modern  air                              ginning    to  still  celebrated  in  Germany  and
      defense   system                               struggle, and so  transitioned  into  the  United  States
      Germany  has  to                               do 59% of east-  and other countries. As part of the
      offer,  four  multi-                           ern  Germans,  celebration, the maibaum (maypole)
      ple rocket launch-                             whose  average  is decorated to show off the history                        from those attending Maifest. Lind-
      ers,   and    a                                household  in-  and crafts of the town, with the day's                      sey  Vega  of  Leveled  Up  Buffalo
      powerful tracking                              comes are low-  afternoon rain in Buffalo not deter-                        said  the  day  serves  as  both  a  fun
      radar  to  detect                              er than those in  ring the maypole in Hofbrauhaus's                         time and good promotional purpose.
      Russian  missiles  and  drones.  By  the west of the country.  beer  garden  from  being  decorated                           Other  developments  on  site  at
      pledging such high-tech equipment,  The  German  government  has  and danced around by those in at-                        Hofbrauhaus  include  projected  in-
      Scholz surprised his critics who had  launched various measures to ease  tendance.                                         frastructure  improvements,  to  go
      accused him of dragging his feet for  the  financial  burden  on  citizens.  Numerous  vendors  were  on                   along  with  added  themed  events,
      weeks.                         From June to August, there is the €9  hand as well presenting a wide vari-                  including  Christmas  in  July,  and
         The chancellor has good reasons  ($9.67)  monthly  ticket  for  local  ety of items and goods, partly sym-              new beers available on tap, includ-
      for his cautious approach to weap-  public  transport,  the  gasoline  tax  bolic  of  the  Maifest  historical            ing  premier  lager,  Hefeweizen,
      ons  deliveries:  Pacifism  is  deeply  has  also  been  reduced,  and  every  tradition  of  village  market  places      Dunkel, Maibach Munich, Doppel-
      rooted  in  his  center-left  Social  taxpayer  is  to  receive  a  lump-sum  bustling as part of the spring emer-         bach, Hopfen Special and October-
      Democratic  Party  (SPD).  This  is  payment  of  €300  to  mitigate  the  gence.                                          fest.  Scott  Schuler  serves  as  brew
      also  true  of  the  majority  of  SPD  increase  in  heating  costs.  Even  Over  the  years,  the  celebration           master, praised by Filbert and others
      voters,  half  of  whom  favor  a  cau-  though the measures are only tem-  has become a community-wide tra-               for his creativity and knowledge.
      tious approach so as to not provoke  porary, most of those polled were in  dition, drawing spectators and par-                Hofbrauhaus also offers a Stein
      Russia. This is the result of the lat-  favor.                ticipants  from  all  parts  of  the                         Club, with a number of open mem-
      est  "Deutschlandtrend"  survey  by  Bad marks for the government  community.  The  beginning  of                          bership  spots  available.  Hofbrau-
      pollster infratest dimap, which put  But overall, the ruling coalition  Maifest is treated as a "town holi-                haus has also implemented Sunday
      questions  to  1,337  eligible  voters  government  of  SPD,  Greens,  and  day."  Last  September  marked  the            brunch,  taking  place  between  11
      this week.                     the  neoliberal  Free  Democrats  official grand opening of Hofbrau- who are interested in coming out to  a.m. and 3 p.m.
         Support for Ukraine         (FDP)  is  losing  support:  59%  of  haus in downtown Buffalo, with the Maifest. It's fun."   Filbert said the infusion of vari-
         They  found  that  supporters  of  respondents  express  dissatisfaction  uniqueness of the facility offering a  Tori Castimore of Tozrezin gave  ous  establishments  in  the  nearby
      the Green Party, one of the SPD's  with the government more than ever  little  bit  of  everything  to  WNY's thanks  to  Hofbrauhaus  for  provid-  and Cobblestone districts has helped
      coalition  partners  in  government,  since it took office last December.  diverse  population,  according  to ing a vendor-friendly setup, adding  revitalize downtown.
      are  strongly  in  favor  of  decisive  A majority of supporters of the  R.J.  Filbert,  general  manager  at that she expected a solid day of sales
      action,  including  weapons  deliver-  SPD and the Greens are happy with  Hofbrauhaus.
      ies  and  a  tough  approach  towards  the  government's  overall  perfor-  "We've got something unique to  Buffalo Dortmund Sister City
      Russia. This is remarkable, consid-  mance,  while  FDP  supporters  are  offer," said Filbert, a native of Pitts-
      ering the party is rooted in the coun-  fast becoming disenchanted: Half of  burgh, PA, another city that is part  program to welcome students
      try's peace movement of the 1980s.  the supporters of the pro-free mar-  of  the  Hofbrauhaus  franchise.
         There  is  also  a  marked  divide  ket party are not impressed with the  "Maifest is one of the things people  Buffalo hosted  Buffalo Dortmund Student Am-
      between  western  and  eastern  Ger-  government's track record.  look forward to, part of our ongoing                     bassador Director and University at
      man voters on the matter of military  Supporters of the main opposi-  plans. The maypole dance and deco-  exchange in June  Buffalo  German  Instructor  Lynn
      aid to Ukraine: 53% of respondents  tion  parties  —  the  conservative  ration,  it's  historical.  We  can  do  uffalo Dortmund Student Am-  Engle was part of the U.S. delega-
      in the west of the country support  Christian  Democratic  Union  and  these things all year round, it creates  Bbassador Program under direc-  tion and instrumental in the devel-
      military assistance, while only 35%  Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU)  a lot of excitement...We're building  tor  Lynn  Engle  will  welcome  15  opment  of  the  program  here  in
      of those in the region that was for-  — and, above all, supporters of the  a culture. We have the best service  students arriving in mid August to  Buffalo.  The 16-person delegation
      merly socialist East Germany do so.  far-right  populist  Alternative  for  team in the City of Buffalo."  attend high school while living with  met  with  and  visited  several  local
         The  German  government  also  Germany  (AfD)  as  well  as  the  The maypole and dance around  host families in Buffalo. Last year  leaders  and  institutions  to  under-
      supports EU sanctions against Rus-  growing number of non-voters are  it is described, historically, as a sin-  she had 8 students and is excited to  stand  the  connections  within  and
      sia  and  continues  with  diplomatic  clearly critical of the government's  gular symbol of spring's awakening  have almost double this year.  between  diverse  communities  by
      efforts.  German  Chancellor  Olaf  course in Berlin. Among lower-in-  and fruitfulness. The maibum (may-  The  students  will  be  attending  bringing individuals together for an
      Scholz  and  French  President  Em-  come households and people living  pole) may stand in a market place,  Canisius  High  School,  St.  Joe’s,  honest exchange of the issues.
      manuel  Macron  spoke  to  Russian  in  eastern  Germany,  70%  express  in front of city hall or at individual  Nardin, Buffalo Seminary and Mt.  The week-long event began with
      President  Vladimir  Putin  on  the  dissatisfaction.         residential houses or businesses.  St.  Mary’s  and  immersing  them-  a tour of City Hall provided by Da-
      phone recently – without achieving  The CDU/CSU manages to ben-  In addition to the Maipole cere-  selves  into  the  American  high  vid Granville (former sister city liai-
      any tangible result.           efit from this trend and has forged  mony, live music was performed by  school  culture.    The  students  and  son to Mayor Masiello) followed by
         How  do  voters  rate  these  ef-  ahead in the monthly national sur-  Parkside  Brass  and  the  Marabella  host families will enjoy a variety of  a discussion with Tim O'Shei from
      forts? Fifteen percent of survey re-  vey,  polling  at  27%  the  conserva-  Band, with the SGTV Schuplattler  events that include visiting Niagara  the  Buffalo  News  who  provided
      spondents  said  they  felt  that  the  tives  have  again  emerged  as  the  Dancers  performing  in  the  after-  Falls,  rafting  at  Letchworth  State  some background on issues in Buf-
      sanctions were going too far, 41%  strongest force in German politics.  noon.               Park, Sky High Adventure in Elli-  falo including division in the com-
      thought they did not go far enough,  They  headed  the  government  for  Vendors on site included: Torzr-  cottville and a day at the Ganonda-  munity  and  the  aftermath  of  the
      while 41% also felt there should be  most of the 77 years since the end of  ezin,  Leveled  Up  Buffalo,  Gnome  gan Seneca Art & Culture Center in  May 14 massacre.
      more  diplomatic  efforts.  Twenty-  World  War  II  and  lost  power  last  Estay,  Ashtronomical  Art,  Soaring  Victor, NY.  Participants also met with sever-
      three  percent  of  those  surveyed  year  after  16  years  in  government  with  Creations,  Kaleyedascopize:  Recently,  a  group  representing  al organizations including Journey's
      deemed Germany's arms deliveries  under Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Unleashed Arts and Route 5 Glass  both  the  U.S.  and  Germany  came  End  Refugee  Service,  Buffalo  Co-
      as having gone too far.           The SPD continues to lose sup-  Design. Numerous vendors as well  together  in  Buffalo  as  part  of  the  Lab, The Native American Commu-
         Dramatic price hikes        port, while the Green Party contin-  as Filbert credited the work of staff  American  Institute  for  Contempo-  nity  Services  of  Erie  &  Niagara
         Over the past few months, vot-  ues  to  make  gains  on  the  federal  member Matt Chase for adept coor-  rary  German  Studies  with  Johns  Counties,  Westminster  Economic
      ers'  priorities  have  shifted.  Last  level as in the regional states. For-  dination of the day's vending layout.  Hopkins  University.    The  week-  Development  Initiative,  UB  Inter-
      September,  a  majority  named  cli-  eign  Minister  Annalena  Baerbock  "Matt (Chase) is so easy to work  long event from June 5 to June 10  cultural  &  Diversity  Center  and
      mate change as the most important  and  Economy  Minister  Robert  with,"  said  Ashley  Lamp  of  Ash-  was phase 2 of the Social Divisions  Open Buffalo.
      problem that German policymakers  Habeck of the Green Party have the  stronomical  Art,  which  offered  and Questions of Identity in Germa-  AICGS has three primary objec-
      should focus on. But now, foreign  highest approval ratings at 60%, far  gems,  crystals,  stones  and  other  ny and the United States.  Phase one  tives for the program: (1) bring to-
      policy towards Russia and Ukraine  ahead  of  Chancellor  Olaf  Scholz  items for sale. "Hofbrauhaus is such  took  place  in  Dortmund,  the  sister  gether  people  who  are  actively
      and  battling  inflation  top  the  list,  (43%) and CDU chairman Friedrich  a cool venue, you get a lot of people  city  of  Buffalo  back  in  March  of  engaged  in  their  communities  for
                                     Merz at 35%.                                                 2022.                                      continued on page 7
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