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                                                AUSTRIA • GERMANY • LIECHTENSTEIN • SWITZERLAND
         Vol. 9 No. 5                                                                                November-December 2021 Issue

      Grand opening brings enhanced                                 German Consul General David Gill visits WNY

      menu, excitement to Hofbrauhaus                                 by Martin Ederer                                           Art  Gallery  and  construction  site,
                                                                          avid  Gill,  Consul  General
                                                                                                                                 and  a  visit  with  the  Westminster
                                                                          of the Federal Republic of                             Development Initiative.
         by Steve Dlugosz
           or a long time, it seemed very                           DGermany,  and  Eva-Marie                                       In  an  Oct.  19  reception  at  the
                                                                    Marks,  Consul  Head  of  Press  De-                         Buffalo  Club,  Gill  met  with  other
           much on the fence if the con-
      Fcept of Hofbrauhaus even be-                                 partment,  visited  Western  New                             members  of  Western  New  York’s
                                                                    York on Oct. 19-20 as guest of Hon-                          diplomatic  corps,  which  included
      ing  initiated  in  Buffalo  would  be
      fantasy or reality, as many site pro-                         orary  Consul  Matthew  Collard.                             the vice-consul of Italy, and the con-
                                                                    Their itinerary included a main stop                         suls of France and Japan. Also rep-
      posals were met with resistance, as
      well  as  the  COVID-19  pandemic                             at the Robert H. Jackson Center in                           resented were several other German
                                                                    Jamestown for its special program,                           community leaders and representa-
      presenting further difficulties. How-
      ever, the preparation process finally                         Cold War Secrets Revealed, featur-                           tives.
                                                                    ing four expert guests.  Gill, one of                           In his comments Gill remarked
      endured  and  plans  were  approved,
      with  the  site's  soft  opening  occur-                      the four featured speakers, present-                         that  while  the  German-American
                                                                    ed East German Resistance.                                   transatlantic relationship may have
      ring in late September 2020.
         One year later, after a successful                           Born in the former East Germa-                             challenges,  the  fundamental  rela-
                                                                    ny, Gill was instrumental in gather-                         tionship  remains  strong.    Both  na-
      opening period and implementation                                                           David Gill, the Consul-General of tions’  common  interests  and  goals
      of traditional German and Bavarian-                           ing former East German Stasi files
                                                                    after reunification and clearing the  the  Federal  Republic  of  Germa- such as preserving the rule of law,
      themed food and entertainment, the
      lofty  expectations  and  planned-for                         legal and political challenges of get-  ny, at left, and Matthew Collard, advancing  democracy  and  forging
                                                                    ting them opened to the public. For  the Honorary Consul of Germany cooperation  and  trust,  he  pointed
      brainstorming   associated   with
      Hofbrauhaus  Buffalo  appears  to                             his  monumental  efforts  in  advanc-  for  Buffalo  and  Western  New out,  are  cause  for  continued  opti-
                                                                    ing freedom and democratic trans-  York.                     mism.
      have finally come to fruition, cele-
      brated  with  the  Sept.  14  official                        parency, Gill received the Theodor  Gill  also  toured  Linde  plc  in  He also expressed happiness that
                                                                    Heuss Medal for the promotion of                             the  community  of  Germans  and
      grand opening with full menu debut                                                          Tonawanda.  Stops  in  Buffalo  in-
      in which both international and na-                           political  education  and  culture  in  cluded a visit to the Albright-Knox  German-Americans in Buffalo sup-
                                                                    Germany and Europe in 1991.                                  port those goals.
      tional  Hofbrauhaus  delegates  were
      on hand and several WNY commu-
      nity leaders were present to partake
      in the festivities. Additionally, a full                      German Information Center director
      menu was released to rave reviews
      from those in attendance.
         Hofbrauhaus Buffalo chief oper-                            drops in at Das Haus Museum in Wheatfield
      ating  officer  Brian  Windschitl  and
      general  manager  R.J.  Filbert  were                               r.  Niels  von  Redecker  and
      busy  coordinating  the  grand  open-                               his family made a surprise
      ing events, and staff, dressed in tra-                        Dvisit to Das Haus Museum
      ditional Bavarian Lederhosen, were                            in Wheatfield, NY on Oct. 10. He is
      on their toes all night providing ex-                         the  director of the German Informa-
      ceptional  service,  with  traditional                        tion Center at the German Embassy
      beers flowing and a buffet-themed                             in Washington DC.
      dinner and desert presented.                                    He was interested in seeing how
         Beer toasts and song took place                            Das Haus Museum is preserving the
      each  half-hour;  and  the  traditional                       German  heritage  of  Western  New
      German band The Frankfuhters per-                             York  with  its  buildings,  artifacts
      formed  to  a  lively  crowd.  Dr.  Mi-                       and stories.
      chael   Moller,   director   of                                 He was impressed with a fach-
      Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany;                               werk building that was reconstruct-
      and  Stefan  Gastagar,  president  of                         ed on the property about six years
      Hofbrauhaus America; attended and                             ago.  The  building's  "bones"  are
                                     who  come  in  and  love  the  beer.
      were extremely impressed with the                             original  from  when  it  was  built  in
                                     You've got great music."
      grand opening.                                                1844, but the walls and floor have
                                        Completion of the kitchen and a
         "It's a great kickoff!" exclaimed                          been  replaced.  Many  fackwerk
                                     second-floor mezzanine has enabled
      Gastagar. "The perseverance of the                            buildings still exist in ancestral vil- Dr. von Redecker and his wife, Karen.
                                     an  expanded  menu  and  special
      last  two  years,  with  the  COVID                           lages in Germany today.
                                     events  at  the  30,000-square-foot
      shutdown and other factors, cannot                              Dr. von Redecker was also able
                                     site,  located  at  190  Scott  St.  in                      Bruessow,  Brandenburg  and  Das the German Citizen, so he can see
      be  minimized.  The  efforts  of  all                         to see the many donated old books
                                     Downtown Buffalo, on the corner of                           Haus,  to  be  "sister"  museums, the efforts of many in the Buffalo
      involved, it's commendable, and we  Michigan Avenue. The indoor King  and artifacts that have been handed  strengthening  their  international area who are proud of their German
      wouldn't be here otherwise."                                  down from the area German fami-
                                     Ludwig  Room  provides  space  for                           connections.                   heritage. I wish we had time in ad-
         Moller, who like Gastagar hails  special events, along with the mez-  lies.                 Elaine  Timm  of  the  museum vance to prepare for his visit!”
      from Munich, was almost at a loss                               He noticed a framed agreement
                                     zanine  and  spacious  outdoor  beer                         said, “We provided a recent copy of
      for words in describing his joy for  garden.  The  Ludwig  Room  pays  between  the  Heimatmuseum  in
      Hofbrauhaus Buffalo's progression.
                                     homage  to  the  namesake  of  the
         "There are few words to summa-  1800s  Bavarian  king  whose  reign
      rize how good it looks, and feels, to                         is  in  Munich,  but  there  are  fran-
                                     helped to introduce Hefe Weizen as
      be here," said Moller. "It's a sweet,  well as reinforcing beer in heritage.  chised  restaurants  in  the  United
      sweet  feeling.  Someone  pinch  me,                          States and around the world. Other
                                     The trim upstairs will include tradi-
      please. I dreamed of this. One and  tional  red  oak.  The  tables  in  the  U.S. Hofbrauhaus sites are located
      a half years ago, we were faced with                          in  Cleveland,  Cincinnati,  Colum-
                                     dining  areas  were  made  by  the
      many  challenges.  More  than  400  Amish, strong in stature to support  bus,  Chicago,  Las  Vegas,  Pitts-
      years   ago,   Hofbrahaus   was                               burgh,  St.  Louis-Belleville  and  St.
                                     dancing and other traditional festiv-
      launched.  Throughout  the  shut-  ities.                     Petersburg.
      down,  there  was  positive  develop-                           The  Hofbrauhaus  brand  is
                                        A  keg-tapping  ceremony  was
      ment and feedback on social media,  one of many commemorative, tradi-  owned by those in Munich, Germa-
      and  we  persevered  in  Buffalo.  All                        ny, where it was founded in 1589.
                                     tional  themed  events  taking  place
      the investors, you made this possi-  Sept. 14.                The  owners  fly  in  to  the  various
      ble.  Congratulations.  I  look  into                         U.S., and world-wide sites on occa-
                                        One of nine Hofbrauhaus fran-
      each  of  your  eyes,  and  I  love  the  chises in the United States, Buffa-  sion, and each site pays a franchise
      look  of  your  passion.  You  needed                         fee.  The  Buffalo  franchise  has
                                     lo's  site  has  served  as  a  cultural
      the great customers you've had, and  celebration to its large German (and  worked with Wardynski's Meats to
      you  needed  a  great  chef  (Andy                            implement sausage and related food
                                     other  backgrounds)  community.
      Bouchard,  a  native  of  Nuremberg,  Hofbrauhaus is owned by 80 inves-  items to the menu.
      Germany),  and  you've  got  both.  I                             Last  September,  the  soft  open
                                     tors and is a Bavarian-themed res-
      see the way (Bouchard) prepares the  taurant  that  features  German  beer,  menu items included sausages, sau-
      food, so lovingly. You've got people                                                        Das Haus Museum docents give Dr. von Redecker a tour.
                                     food and music. Its flagship location      continued on page 3
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