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                                                AUSTRIA • GERMANY • LIECHTENSTEIN • SWITZERLAND
         Vol. 9 No. 4                                                                                 September - October 2021 Issue

      Event to honor WNY Civil War                                                                Hofbrauhaus Buffalo

      Regiment Wiedrich's Battery                                                                 energized by Stadtfest

         "Honor, Sacrifice and Courage:                                                           "City Festival" celebration
      Erie  County  during  the  Civil  War
      Featuring  Wiedrich's  Battery"  will                                                          by Steve Dlugosz
      be held at Historic Concordia Cem-                                                                he absence of one traditional
      etery, 438 Walden Ave. on  Satur-                                                                 German-themed  festival the
      day, Oct. 9, 2021 at 1 p.m.                                                                  Tweekend  of  July  17-18  in
         This  interactive  free  event  will                                                      the Town of Marilla (Waldfest) was
      feature  costumed  actors  portraying                                                        accompanied by the emergence of
      the  brave  men  of  Company  I,  1st                                                        another fun, German (and Bavari-
      NY  Light  Artillery  aka  Wiedrich's                                                        an)  festival,  Stadtfest,  also  known
      Battery who are interred at Concor-                                                          as "City Festival," which took place
      dia Cemetery.                                                                                at Hofbrauhaus Buffalo July 18 and
         Medal of Honor Recipient John                                                             brought out more than 500 revelers.
      McHugh will also be recognized for                                                             The first-ever Stadtfest Buffalo
      his  service.  There  will  be  displays                                                     featured traditional German music,
      and  guest  experts  who  will  speak                         The  monument  at  Gettysburg  food,  song  and  dance  and  other
      about  the  sacrifices  made  by  the                         honoring the men of Company I,  revelry  among  two  sessions,  one
      people  of  Erie  County  during  that                        1st NY Light Artillery known as  taking place in the early afternoon
      uncertain  era,  and  the  legacy  of                         Wiedrich's Battery.            and the other in the early evening.
      Wiedrich's Battery.                                                                            The  German  American  Musi-
         Following will be a walking tour                                                          cians (GAM) band performed dur-
      to  meet  the  soldiers.  The  event  is                                                     ing  both  sessions,  and  GAM
      free  and  is  sponsored  by  the  Con-                                                      business manager Herbert Schmidt
      cordia  Foundation  and  Echoes                                                              led  the  song  and  dance  routines
      Through Time Learning Center and  Medal  of  Honor  Recipient  John                          with energy and enthusiasm. A buf-
      Civil  War  Museum,  and  is  one  of McHugh's gravesite.                                    fet and a la carte food options were
      the  Erie  County  Bicentennial                                                              on  hand,  and  traditional  German
      Events.                        served for most of his life. He enlist-                       beers  flowed  throughout  the  day.
         Company I, 1st NYS Light Ar- ed at least 10 times in the U.S. Army                        The GAM conducted a drum beat
      tillery  was  composed  of  German from 1861 to 1898, the first time in                      procession, preceding a long line of
      immigrants  from  Western  New May 1861 at the age of 17 under the                           dancers following.
      York and was mustered in on Oct. 1, name Michael McCue and was dis-                            "I  haven't  seen  any  shot-skis
      1861 in Buffalo under the command charged a month later "on account                          yet,  but  I  expect  to  see  them  out
      of  local  businessman  Michael of being a minor."                                           soon!"  Schmidt  shouted  to  the
      Wiedrich.                         He reenlisted in December 1861                             crowd. "This is what we do, Ger-
         The  regiment  is  credited  with claiming to be 22 years old and for                     man beer, dancing, singing and par-
      helping turn the tide of the battle at the next 38 years continued to serve                  ty goers."
      Gettysburg when they successfully his  country.  Seemingly  a  humble  Sgt. William Moeller - one of the  Schmidt also serves on the Fes-
      stopped the advance of the notori- man, when he passed away May 28,  soldiers in Wiedrich's Battery. He  tival  Steering  Committee  for  the
      ous  Louisiana  Tigers.  On  July  2, 1910  there was no fanfare nor acco-  lost his arm in the 2nd battle of  Federation  of  German  American
      1863 as the 141 men from Western lades; in fact his death was not even  Bull run.            Societies of Greater Buffalo.
      New York waited atop East Ceme- reported in the news and his death                             Additionally,  those  who  were
      tery Hill, they knew how lethal the certificate  records  his  occupation which about 150 are Civil War sol-  interested had their hair braided in
      coming  battle  would  be;  they  had simply as "old soldier."  diers.                       traditional  German-Bavarian  style
      previously been defeated by the vi-  The Medal of Honor for Gallant-  Listed  on  both  the  New  York  by stylist Amy Pritchard, and many
      cious Tigers at Cross Keys, Virginia ry in Action was presented to him State Register of Historic Sites and  items of traditional lore and slogan
      in June 1862.                  on  July  18,  1877  by  General  Wil- the  National  Register  of  Historic  were  sold,  including  T  shirts,
         The men of Wiedrich's Battery liam Tecumseh Sherman.       Places, and designated as a City of  knick-knacks and mugs.
      held  their  ground  in  the  attack  Formed  in  1859,  Concordia Buffalo  Landmark,  Concordia  is  Hofbrauhaus  general  manager
      which included hand-to-hand com- Cemetery is one of the oldest ceme- staffed  by  volunteers  only  and  is  R.J.  Filbert  said  the  concept  of
      bat and volleys from sharpshooters. teries in Western New York and one supported  by  contributions  and  Stadtfest originated in Berlin, Ger-
      When  the  smoke  cleared,  the  unit of only a handful remaining within through grants acquired by the Con-  many as a city "summer fest." Ad-
      had suffered 3 killed and 10 wound- the  Buffalo  city  limits.  Originally cordia Foundation.  ditionally, Filbert said, the Stadtfest
      ed. A monument now stands on East founded  to  contain  the  remains  of  Echoes Through Time Learning  in Buffalo accompanies the upcom- 19 causing various summer festivals
      Cemetery  Hill  to  honor  the  brave Germans who settled in Buffalo in Center  &  Civil  War  Museum  is  ing   one-year   anniversary   of to be canceled included the nixing
      men of this unit.              the  early  1800s,  the  cemetery  has located in Springville, NY. They are  Hofbrauhaus  opening  in  Buffalo, of  Waldfest,  which  is  known  as
         Pvt. John McHugh can best be interred  over  21,000  people  of  all the only museum in New York State  last  Sept.  14,  with  a  larger-scale "Festival  in  the  Woods"  and  cele-
      described by the phrase "a soldier's religions, cultures and backgrounds, totally  dedicated  to  the  history  of  grand  opening  slated  for  the  site. brates German heritage. Filbert said
      soldier," as he was a  soldier who including about 500 war veterans of the American Civil War era.  The trickle-down effect of COVID- Stadtfest emerged as a natural sub-
                                                                                                                                 stitute for that loss.
                                                                                                                                    "We really thought it would be a
                                                                                                   Rheinblick’s                  good idea with Waldfest not going
      German-Polish Celebration brings                                                             to reopen                     on,"  said  Filbert.  "The  German
                                                                                                                                 American Musicians are one of the
      together two strong, festive cultures                                                           The  popular  Rheinblick  Ger-  most well-known and well-liked tra-
                                                                                                   man Restaurant at 224 S. Main St.,  ditional  bands  around,  and  we've
         by Steve Dlugosz                        Additionally,   the  Musical  bands  The  Auslanders  Canandaigua  plans  to  reopen  ac-  got them playing. It's fun event for
          wo  strong,  tradi-                 site's  ethnic  grounds  fi- and  New  Direction  performed,  cording  to  a  report  in  the  Daily  the whole family."
      Ttional  ethnic  cul-                   nally  were  able  to  play headlining another German-cultural  Messenger.            Filbert added that beers on site
      tures  were  brought                    host  to  an  event  after festival  as  part  of  their  usual  rou-  Markus  Hardt  and  Mike  Kle-  such as Dunkel, Original Lager and
      together  during  the                   about two years of inac- tine;  Bavarian  pretzels,  Warsteiner  mens, sons of the restaurant's own-  Hefeweizen sell very well at events
      annual German-Polish                    tivity  and  cancelations and Spaten beer and other tradition-  ers  Gary  and  Gudrun  Klemens,  such as Stadtfest. The Pils-German
      Celebration  at  Spring                 due  to  the  COVID-19 al fare and beverages were served;  said  the  restaurant  will  reopen  style beers are slated to be released
      Garden  Park  in  East                  pandemic, most notably and  traditional  Lederhosen,  Beer  Sept. 10. It had closed Aug. 16.  in August at Hofbrauhaus as well.
      Aurora on Aug. 7 with                   Waldfest,  which  has Maid and Oktoberfest outfits were  Hardt told reporter Mike Mur-  Traditional  German  mugs  and
      music,  dancing  and                    been put on hold in both donned by many.             phy, “I wasn’t surprised that peo-  steins were filled and raised during
      food  highlighting  the                 2020 and 2021.          Brian Peek serves on the board  ple  were  disappointed,  I  was  toasts in Stadfest, and many in at-
      event.                                     The  German-Polish of  directors  on  the  Spring  Garden  humbled by the amount of people  tendance wore traditional Lederho-
         In many ways, the                    Celebration   preceded Association and says the celebration  who actually reached out and ex-  sen.  The  buffet  included  options
      event and locale served as homage other fun heritage events at Spring helped  to  remind  locals  of  their  pressed that to us. That was a big  such as Bavarian mixed greens; Oc-
      to  the  earlier  days  of  the  festival, Garden as part of the beginning Ok- strong heritage as well as to restore  motivating  factor  for  me  to  meet  tober Fest style oven-roasted chick-
      which had its origins in the 1930s toberfest season, including the Taste some sense of normal during a tu-  with my parents and say we’re not  en stuffed with onions, parsley and
      with the opening of the Spring Gar- of  Bier  and  Brats  on  Aug.  14  and  continued on page 8  ready to let this go.”               continued on page 8
      den.                           Schlachtfest Sept. 12.
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