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Social distancing is definitely not a part of the  of consideration for the health of the visitors, but
        traditional  Oktoberfest  concept.  The  world's      also out of consideration for the good reputation
        largest beer festival, which attracted 6.3 million    of the Munich Oktoberfest as a high-quality, safe
        visitors  in  2019,  gathers  thousands  of  people   festival."
        celebrating  in  beer  tents.  It  has  now  been        He predicted that the 2022 event will be "very,
        confirmed that the Bavarian event will not take       very well attended because people are hungry and
        place  for  a  second  year  in  a  row  due  to  the  thirsty."
        coronavirus pandemic.                                    A  smaller  rival  event  is  reportedly  being
           Munich  Mayor  Reiter  said  canceling             planned  by  officials  in  Dubai,  angering
        Oktoberfest again is "a great pity" for the millions  traditionalists in Germany.
        of fans of the Wiesn, as the festival is called in       The City of Munich has distanced itself from
        the local Bavarian dialect.                           media reports that the Gulf nation is planning its
           Reiter warned that canceling Oktoberfest for       own Oktoberfest, saying it has nothing to do with
        the second year in a row would have "existential      the original beer festival.
        implications" for the people who worked there.           The  Oktoberfest  has  been  canceled  several
        The Oktoberfest in 2019 brought in an estimated       times. It was not held during World War II and
        €1.23  billion  euros  ($1.5  billion)  for  the  local  from 1946 to 1948.
        economy.                                                 An  outbreak  of  cholera  in  Munich  in  1854
           Hope for Oktoberfest 2022                          killed thousands of people, forcing organizers to
           Oktoberfest boss Clemens Baumgärtner said          pull the plug,
        the move was "completely correct  not only out            (AFP, Reuters, dpa)
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