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Germany's Oktoberfest canceled again in 2021 due to coronavirus

    Germany's annual Oktoberfest will
        Dbe canceled for a second year in a row due
        to the coronavirus pandemic. Bavarian Premier
        Markus Söder said the decision was made with a
        "heavy heart."
           Germany's  Oktoberfest,  the  world's  largest
        beer festival held every year in Munich, will not
        take place in 2021 due to the coronavirus crisis,
        officials said.
           The pandemic has forced the cancellation of
                                                                                Image by David Mark from Pixabay
        the  hugely  popular  festival  for  the  second
        consecutive  year.  It  had  been  scheduled  from
        Sept. 18 to Oct. 3.                                      "In the classic beer tents at the big festivals,
           The  decision  was  made  by  Bavarian  state      social distancing, masks and other measures are
        Premier Markus Söder and Munich Mayor Dieter          practically impossible to implement," Söder said.
        Reiter. Söder said that Oktoberfest is the "most         "The  situation  is  too  precarious,"  he  added.
        global" festival there is, and that the pandemic is   "Imagine  there  was  a  new  wave  and  it  then
        not yet under enough control to allow people from     became a superspreader event. The brand would
        all over the world to gather in tents.                be damaged forever and we don't want that."
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