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With  this  design,  the  young  designer  Maria      Born in 1994, communication designer Maria
        Elisabeth  Dick  convinced  the  users  on            Elisabeth  Dick  beat  163  other  designs  in  the and finally the jury of experts. In       competition and receives 2,500 euros as 1st prize.
        their evaluation, the judges emphasized the lively    Her Oktoberfest heart motif had already received
        Oktoberfest  feeling,  the  emotional  appeal,  the   the most votes in the online poster competition
        graphic balance and the positive design.              on and also convinced the jury of
           Clemens Baumgärtner, chairman of the jury          experts.
        and  head  of  the  Department  of  Labor  and
        Economic Affairs, said, "I am delighted that this
        year's  winning  poster  comes  from  a  young
        Munich designer. The motif by Maria Elisabeth
        Dick  impresses  with  its  perfect  craftsmanship,
        dynamism and fresh colors. It shows a lot of heart
        for the Wiesn and some indispensable ingredients
        for a successful Wiesn visit."
           Since  1952,  the  City  of  Munich  has  held  a
        public competition for the Oktoberfest art poster.
        The winning design represents the Oktoberfest on
        the  Internet,  social  media  and  on  licensed
        merchandise  and  posters.  It  also  adorns  the
        official Oktoberfest Stein, which has been issued     2nd and 3rd place motifs were designed by
        in limited quantities every year since 1978.          Laura Szafranek (at left) and Florian Huber.
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