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Poster design reflects the heart of Oktoberfest

               ven though there will be no Oktoberfest
               2021 in Germany, the Oktoberfest poster
        Efor  this  year  has  been  chosen:  Munich
        resident Maria Elisabeth Dick has designed the
        motif for the 187th Oktoberfest.
           The  Department  of  Labor  and  Economy
        (RAW) has chosen the winning poster for the fifth
        time in a public competition on the official city
        portal and with a jury. Oktoberfest-
        boss  Clemens  Baumgärtner  presents  the  new
        poster in a video posted there.
           Oktoberfest fans and all who want to celebrate     Clemens Baumgärtner, chairman of the jury,
        a "Home Wiesn" can get their copy of the              with the winning design.
        Oktoberfest  poster  at                    Images and story from
        muenchen-souvenirs/artikel                            Oktoberfest  accessories  include  a  bow  in  the
           Winning poster shows a lot of heart for the        shape  of  the  Olympic  loop  at  the  top,  two
        Wiesn! A blue-framed Oktoberfest gingerbread          Oktoberfest steins, and a pretzel below. And all
        heart  dominates  the  center  of  the  poster,       this  against  a  radiant  background  of  muted
        surrounded  by  green  hop  tendrils.  Typical        orange.
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