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The Chairman’s Column

                                                                                                      Dear Steuben Brothers and Sisters,
                                                                                                      I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer and staying safe
                                                                                                    from Covid. This is a relaxing and happy time of the year for most
                                                                                                    of us with summer barbeques, picnics and family get togethers.
                                                                                                      In September the Oktoberfest season starts. I plan to attend
                                                                                                    as many as possible and enjoy the festivities.
                                                                                                      On Saturday, September 17, the German American Steuben
                                                                                                    Parade will take place on Fifth Avenue in NYC. The Steuben
                                                                                                    Society will be sponsoring the lead float in the parade. I plan to
 National Council.                                                                                  be at the parade and hope that many of you can join me and show
                                                                                                    pride in your German heritage.
                                                                                                      In  early  November,  the  NYS  Council  will  be  hosting  our
         It  seems  like  yesterday  that  Miss  Debbie  Zettel  at  St.                            memorial service for our departed members. Phyllis Kurz the
      Elizabeth Grade School in Buffalo was teaching us German                                      NYS Chairlady will be arranging this event. The chairperson of
                                                                                                    each unit should be notifying Phyllis of any deceased members
      greetings and numbers. I think she would be happy to know
                                                                                                    who have passed away since our last memorial service.
      one of her students is now editing The Steuben News. Begin-                                     We welcome your articles for The Steuben News. Please tell
      ning with this issue, Buffalo Standard Printing Corp. is pro-
                                                                                                    us about special events your unit is having along with any major
      ducing The Steuben News. The cooperation and collaboration
                                                                                                    milestones of your unit members Enjoy the rest of your summer
      with Elyse and Robert Land has helped guide our first issue                                   and stay well.
      which we hope you enjoy. We welcome your feedback as well                                       Fraternally Yours,
 Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary – August 4, 2022  –  as your contributions to the paper. (See page 6 for details.)  Bob Land

         Roger Puchalski, editor

       Our WNY Steuben Unit

 Diane Moltz,  1949  Squire Circle,                                                               oped in our country, it created  Some of the core interests
         By Daniel Schwarz           New York State. It is in Erie                                havoc  with  closings,  and  in-  of our members is to enjoy
          ome have said, “It’s about  County, and according to the
      Stime”. It’s also been said    Census  Bureau’s  American                                   person  gathering  restrictions.  good real German foods,
 Eric J  Newland,  19 Mission Drive,  that, “When 2 Germans meet,  Community  Survey,  one  in    We  had  to  adapt.  However,    beers, and atmosphere to
                                                                                                                                 socialize and hold a meeting.
      they shake hands, when 2 or    six residents here claim Ger-                                our restaurants that we called  We call them social meetings,
                                                                                                  home,  closed  their  doors  for
      more meet, they start a club”.  man  as  their  first  ancestry.                            good! Even though there are        because they are very
      Well,  they  did.  That  time  And, adjacent Niagara County                                 100’s  of  good  restaurants  in    informal, and most
      came in 2013 when the Samu-    it’s almost one in five.
 Carol Ann  & Eberhard Fischer  – $100  in memory of  el Helm Unit 144 of Buffalo,  In  WNY  there  are  many  the Buffalo area, none are au-  importantly fun. Why not?
                                                                                                                                    That may be part of our
      NY, received its charter from  German  societies  of  various                               thentic German. Some of the     success for recruiting new
                                                                                                  core interests of our members
      Bob Land, National Chairman    interests  for  German  culture                              is to enjoy good real German            members.
      of  the  Steuben  Society  of  that  have  been  well  estab-                               foods, beers, and atmosphere
      America. The unit was named    lished for many years. Some                                  to socialize and hold a meet-  guage  study  opportunities,
      after one of the first Germans  of these have joined under an  sic,  foods,  drinks,  and  fun ing. We call them social meet-  and  even  Jeopardy  questions
      to settle and own property in  umbrella  organization,  The                                 ings,  because  they  are  very  on German topics! Now that
      Buffalo, when it was still the  Federation of German Ameri-   German games.                                                we  meet  regularly,  he  has
                                                                      The present society mem- informal, and most important-
      Village  of  Buffalo  in  1809.  can Societies of Western New  bers  of  The  Federation  in- ly fun. Why not? That may be  continued  these  emails,  and
      Our unit number 144 was the    York. Our unit also joined this  clude:  Buffalo  Dortmund part of our success for recruit-  we  play  Jeopardy  in  person,
      lot number that he purchased.  society  a  few  years  ago.  It  Sister  City;  Spring  Garden ing new members.            where  each  correct  answer
         Yes,  it  was  a  long  time  allows  activities  to  be  orga-                             However,  during  the  pan-  gets a prize, typically a piece
      coming  for  a  Steuben  unit,  nized at a larger scale than any  Association;  Bavarian  Sing-                            of  chocolate.  Yes,  it  may  be
                                                                    ers; SGTV Edelweiss (Schuh- demic we were surprised that
      considering  the  strong  Ger-  one society can do. For exam-  plattler  –  Gebirgstrachten- a  franchised  Hofbräuhaus    silly,  possibly  educational,
      man heritage and large num-    ple, the Federation has orga-  rein); Sports Club Germania; opened in the City of Buffalo.  but  makes  us  shout  out  an-
      bers  of  German-Americans     nized a huge Oktoberfest each  German American Musicians; It’s  a  terrific  beer  hall  with  swers, and laugh.
      that  call  Western  New  York  year during Labor Day week-   Bergholtz  Blaskapell;  Con- good  German  foods,  their        It also takes a team to win
      home.  In  the  Buffalo  News,  end. Last time, which was be-  cordia  Foundation;  Buffalo own  brewed  beers,  live  Ger-  a game. We have always been
      our  local  newspaper  a  few  fore  the  pandemic  hit,  over  Schwaben  Chor;  and  our man  music,  and  great  atmo-   fortunate that our active mem-
      years ago, it was reported that  4,000  people  attended  this  Samuel Helm Unit 144, along sphere  for  fun.  But  not    bers have volunteered to take
      Germans  in  WNY  are  the     function,  and  society  mem-  with individual friends of the conducive  for  a  meeting,  or  officer  positions,  helping
      largest  ethnic  group.  Wow!  bers  worked  at  this  festival.  Federation.  These  groups socializing  easily  across  the  guide our unit. As our mem-
      Also,  Buffalo  is  the  second  There  was  live  German  mu-  have  different  interests,  pur- table,  because  of  musik  und  ber  numbers  have  fluctuated
      largest  city  by  population  in                                                                                          from  a  low  of  6  to  over  20
                                                                    poses, but all have in common fröhlichkeit. Then we recently
                                                                    the  joy  of  experiencing  Ger- found  a  great  Polish  restau-  presently,  we  also  increased
                                                                    man  culture,  friendship,  and rant,  with  good  drinks,  ser-  the officer numbers. Presently
                                                                    sharing it with others.       vice, easy parking, and even a  for 2022 our officers are: Paul
                                                                                                                                 F.  Jones  –  Chairman;  John
                                                                      As the voice of WNY Ger- schnitzel on their large menu.
              Calendar of Events                                    man  Americans,  we  are So, we plan to stay with this       Kleinmann – Vice Chairman;
                                                                    pleased  to  also  have  a  great new  restaurant  home,  and  Karen Kolb – Secretary; Dan-
              Oktoberfest  Senator Robert F Wagner  Unit            newspaper “The German Citi- keep our eyes open for anoth-    iel Schwarz – Treasurer / act-
              165   Sauerbraten Dinner  - Sunday, October  23       zen”.  It  is  published  bi- er  to  allow  some  variety  for  ing   Financial   Secretary;
              - 1 pm to 5 pm.  Cost $40 pp, $12 pp children.        monthly  in  English,  and  has our members.                 Wayne Mertz – First Trustee;
              RSVP:  Renate Quigley, 631.  661.6108.  American      articles  of  German  culture,   But, what has kept our unit  and  Erich  Reidell  –  Second
              Legion Hall,  39 Nassau Ave., Islip.  Mail check to:  traditions, history, and current engaged and even flourishing  Trustee.
              155 Nims Ave.,  W Babylon, NY, 11704.  Check          events. It is of similar size and is  our  enthusiastic  and  dedi-  So, for now, this is part of
              made  out  to  Steuben  Society  Unit  165.  Price    format  as  our,  The  Steuben cated chairman, Paul F. Jones.  our story. It would be great to
              includes beer, wine, soda  coffee and cake.           News.                         He has kept our members and    hear from other Steuben units
                                                                      Since our unit’s founding, friends  of  our  unit  informed  of their history, present status,
                                                                    we have met year round, ev- and even entertained with his    and  activities.  Don’t  be  shy,

              NYS Council of the Steuben Society of America         ery  third  Wednesday  of  the monthly  emails.  Even  when  let’s hear from you. Wir sind
                                                                                                                                 alle  Freunde,  aber  haben
              Memorial Service - Saturday, November 5 - Prince      month  for  a  dinner  meeting. we  couldn’t  meet  in-person  noch   nicht   uns   kennen
              of Peace Lutheran Church, 800 Candlewood Rd.,         We have been alternating be- for  our  meetings  due  to  the  gelernt.  Bitte  mach  es  jetzt.
              Brentwood.  Call  Phyllis  Kurz,  Chairlady  at       tween  two  great  authentic Covid-19 restrictions, he kept  (We are all friends that have
              516.457.2687 if you can attend.                       German  restaurants  in  the our spirts up with interesting
                                                                    Buffalo area. However, as the updates  of  German  current   not yet met. Please do it now).
                                                                    Covid-19  pandemic  devel- events,  virtual  German  lan-
                                                                                                                                    the steuben news - 3
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