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(“Therese's Meadow”). And to this day, the name       the event – disappeared from the Oktoberfest for
        has stuck:                                            organizational reasons after 1938.
           “Theresienwiese”  is  the  name  given  to  the       However,  the  Bavarian  Central  Agricultural
        festival grounds – and affectionately abbreviated     Festival  (ZLF)  still  runs  in  parallel  to  the
        simply  to  “the  Wiesn”  by  local  residents.  The  Oktoberfest every four years, on the southern part
        horse  race  was  won  by  National  Guard            of the festival grounds. Since the space available
        cavalryman and coachman Franz Baumgartner,            to  the  Oktoberfest  proper  naturally  shrinks  in
        the  man  who  is  believed  to  have  proposed  the  these years, the festival accompanied by the ZLF
        competition.                                          show is referred to as the “Little Oktoberfest.”
           This race in 1810 was intended to revive the          From beer stands to beer palaces
        famous “scarlet race”, which had last been held          Visitors to the festival could purchase beer at
        at the Jacob's Dult (fair) in Munich in 1786.         a rapidly growing number of small stands. It was
           A public success becomes a regular event           not until 1896 that the first large “beer palaces”
           The horse race was a huge hit with the local       were  set  up  by  enterprising  landlords  in
        public, and it was the decision to repeat it at the   cooperation with the breweries. After that, it was
        same  time  the  following  year  that  birthed  the  not  long  before  substantial  snacks  and  hearty
        tradition  of  the  “October  festivals”,  or         Munich specialties were also being offered for
        Oktoberfest. The horse in 1811 was flanked by         sale.  This  gave  rise  to  the  landlords'  street  of
        the  first  agriculture  fair,  a  specialist  show   stalls, which still provide everything for body and
        designed  to  improve  standards  in  Bavarian        soul that visitors need to enjoy the Oktoberfest.
        farming. The horse race – the oldest element of               This history originally published by the city of Munich
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