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      (JULY 1, 1934  – JUNE 18, 2022)

       Continued from page 1         arranging  the  Steuben  Soci- time, Ilse and I were also both
                                     ety's  Annual  Memorial  Ser- involved  with  the  National
      Church  where  she  played  a
                                     vice   for   our    deceased Council's  lobbying  trips  to
      major  role  in  setting  up  its                                                                 Special Announcements
                                     members.  But,  beyond  a Washington, D.C. On one oc-
      German language Advent Ser-
      vice. Through the auspices of  doubt, Ilse's greatest contribu- casion,  I  remember  picking   Wishing a happy 90th  birthday to Margo Collins –
      the New York State Council,    tions  to  the  Steuben  Society Ilse up in Manhattan and then  September 4, 2022 – our former 3rd Vice Chairlady of
      Ilse  was  also  instrumental  in  have been at the National lev- driving her down to Washing-
                                     el.                            ton. I'm happy to say that we                      National Council.
                                        From  May  of  1981, really got to know each other            We wish you many years of health and happiness.
                                     through to May of 2022, Ilse on that long ride to and from
                                     served nine different National the capitol.                      We want to wish Hans Arndt our National  Council
                                     Chairmen  as  their  National    By 1999, Ilse had already     Treasurer a happy 90th birthday on September 5, 2022
                                     Secretary. She was a perennial rightfully  earned  the  respect  We wish you many more years of health and happiness.
                                     force on the National Council of all who worked with her in
                                     and,  had  she  wanted  it,  she the  Steuben  Society.  At  the  Happy Belated 60th Wedding Anniversary – February 4,
                                     would have made a fine Na- Founders  Day  Banquet  on                 2022  – to Marilyn and Charles Luhmann.
                                     tional  Chairlady.  Her  tenure May 16th of that year she was
                                     as National Secretary was on- bestowed  with  the  title  of   Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary – August 4, 2022  –
                                     ly  interrupted  once  in  2002, Honorary Life Member of the                 to Joan and Robert Magee
                                     when  I  served  as  National National Council. But, where
      Obituary                       Secretary and Ilse was elected many people would take such                   Welcome New Members:
              Henry Hoeh Jr.,        to  serve  as  National  Second an honor as an excuse to slow
         02/05/1936 - 06/22/2022     Vice-Chairlady.  But,  at  the down, Ilse was only starting to            Diane Moltz,  1949  Squire Circle,
         by Elyse Land               National Election Meeting the gather steam.                                   New Braunfels, TX 78130
              enry was born in Brook- very  next  year  she  resumed  From 2004 to 2012, during
         Hlyn NY  but lived the ma-  her role as National Secretary my tenure as National Chair-              Eric J  Newland,  19 Mission Drive,
      jority  of  his  life  in  Brightwaters,  and  I  became  National  First man,  I  was  very  fortunate  to
      Long Island, NY.               Vice-Chairman.                 have Ilse working with me as                   New Braunfels, TX 78130
         After  serving  6  years  in  the
      Marines,  he  met    and  married  I had the pleasure of work- the National Secretary. As we                  Steuben Club Donors:
      Adele Del Gatto. They were hap-  ing closely with Ilse over the drew  closer  to  the  Society's
      pily  married  for  45  years.  They last  25  years.  My  parents 90th anniversary in 2009, Ilse  Carol Ann  & Eberhard Fischer  – $100  in memory of
      had two sons Henry and Michael. joined the Steuben Society in became extremely desirous of                        Ilse Hoffmann.
         He worked as a machinist for  1971, and they met the Hoff- creating  an  official  written
      Grumman and also invested in and  manns  shortly  thereafter  at  a history of the Steuben Society  Robert & Elyse Land – $200 in memory of Ilse Hoffmann
      sold  real  estate.  Unfortunately,  State  Convention.  So,  our of  America.  Had  it  not  been
      Adele  passed  away  in  2008  and  families have known each oth- for her prodding and collabo-
      left a huge void in his life.
         Henry was a proud member of  er for nearly 50 years. But, my ration  that  project  might  not vention in St. Louis, Missouri we  probably  wouldn't  have
      the Robert F Wagner Unit 165 of personal interaction with Ilse have come to fruition. Ilse was in 2011.                    our annual lecture and dinner
      the  Steuben  Society  in  Islip  NY. started  around  1997,  when  I also the prime instigator who  Even after I stepped down program  promoting  German-
      He  even  portrayed  Santa  at  their  became  the  Chairman  of  the convinced me to hold a cere- as National Chairman in 2012, American Studies.
      Christmas parties.             Steuben News Committee. At mony  at  the  Steuben  Monu- Ilse  and  I  continued  to  work     Thank you Ilse for the pos-
         He  was  also  a  devout  hunter  that time, we would have two ment in Washington, D.C. on together  on  issues  involving itive influence you had on all
      and  marksman.    In  the  past  six  meetings  per  issue.  One  on the  100th  anniversary  of  its the  National  Council  Educa- who had the pleasure to know
      years,  he  was  seeing  Pat  Lopez
      who he loved and adored.       Long  Island,  the  other  in dedication in 2010. I was also tion Committee. I am proud to you. You will be missed. Let
         Henry was known for his won- Westchester,  to  plan  out  and fortunate  to  have  Ilse's  help say that even after her passing, me  just  say,  until  we  meet
      derful sense of humor and jokes. to  proofread  each  edition  of when we held a National Con- the legacy of her work contin- again —Auf Wiedersehen!
      We will all miss him very much!!  the  paper.  Around  that  same                           ues.  Without  Ilse's  influence

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