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The history of the Oktoberfest

           Origins                                            tried through ties to France and the resultant wars,
           Four years after Bavaria was elevated to the       through  territorial  expansion  and  through
        status of a kingdom, Crown Prince Ludwig – later      administrative reorganization. This huge festival
        to  become  King  Ludwig  I  –  married  Princess     thus came at just the right time to establish an
        Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen on Oct. 12,         identity for the “new” Bavarians and focus their
        1810.  The  official  wedding  celebrations  lasted   attention on Munich, as the capital and seat of
        five days and were staged as a grand ovation to       royal residence, and on the Bavarian monarchy.
        the  family  that  now  ruled  over  the  young          The celebrations in the center of town, referred
        kingdom.                                              to even then as a “public festival,” concluded on
           The celebrations, at once magnificent and open     Oct. 17 with a horse race on a piece of meadow
        to the common folk, took place on a stage that        land  outside  the  gates  of  Munich.  The  highest
        embraced the whole of Munich: The riflemen of         authority  to  participate  in  this  contest  was
        the National Guard held a parade together with        obtained “by individuals classified in the  Cavalry
        civilian shooting clubs. There were illuminations     Division of the National Guard, third class” under
        and  music,  eating  and  drinking,  trumpets  and    Major Andreas von Dall'Armi. Children dressed
        kettle drums. An enormous festival atmosphere         in traditional Bavarian costumes paid homage to
        thus engulfed the center of the town. The ruling      the presiding royal family with poems, flowers
        House of Wittelsbach demonstrated its closeness       and fruits of the land. In honor of the bride, the
        to the people and, in so doing, expressed gratitude   festival  grounds  were  called  “TheresienWiese”
        to its subjects, whose patience had been sorely

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